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AK74 Bulgarian Parts Kit with black furniture and nitride lined 4150 V barrel head spaced/assembled *DOES NOT INCLUDE CLEANING KIT*

Price: $559.00
Item Number: CMPLK74B
This kit is already head-spaced and assembled on a 4150v nitride barrel

Black synthetic furniture Bulgarian AK74 parts kit- Kits are issued and some have a lot of finish missing but are still in very good condition and MATCHING #'S. Our gunsmith has assembled and checked head space on these kits w/ a new nitride lined barrel

Our gunsmith has taken all of the trouble out of building these kits by assembling the barrel and head spacing these kits! 
We ensure correct head space by using a live round after checking it with a go and no go gauge.  The barrel is pressed into the trunnion and the barrel pin hole has been drilled so the barrel pin is ready to be pressed in.  But we left the pin out to save you time since you will need to remove it while installing rivets.  WE  RECOMMEND YOU CHECK THE HEAD SPACE A FINAL TIME BEFORE PINNING IT BACK IN PLACE


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Awesome Parts Kit
Chuck (Midwest) 11/9/2014 9:10 PM
I am building an AK74 for a customer. I couldn't believe how good this parts kit was. The finish was excellent. The gas block wasn't canted and installed correctly. Head spacing was dead on. They earned my repeat business.
What a beautiful kit!
Mike (Los Angeles) 4/14/2014 11:03 PM
What can I say? The kit I got looks brand new. Matching numbers, 1989 circle-10 armory proof, head spaced barrel, beautiful furniture blah blah blah. The best part of the deal is that you get to work with guys that love their job. Andrew is the man! This is my first build and I think I've called Andrew about 15 times and he has always been helpful. Thanks AOA!
Superb Parts Kit
Laurence (So. Cal.) 7/15/2013 6:08 PM
I purchased this kit and I was amazed at how clean it is. Double circle 10 Bulgarian armory manufacture (one of the most desirable), perfect de-mil, all parts look like unissued new. 1989 pre-ban matching serial numbers (front trunnion reads "29" then serial number follows - on Bulgarians you add 60 to first number on trunnion for year of mfg., thus 29+60=89 or 1989 year of mfg.) Finish is in perfect shape on all parts with no scratches. It doesn't get any better than this. Don't hesitate - buy. You will not be sorry. Thank you Arms Of America for sending me a fantastic parts kit!
Super happy with the kit
Todd Cottle (Longmont, CO) 6/26/2013 7:42 AM
Everything in near mint condition, excellent value. All e-mails replied in a timely fashion. Thanks Mike!
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