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Price: $299.99
 These Polish AKM rifle kits are in good to very good condition and all major components have matching #'s. Produced by the famous Polish Radom Factory these kits feature all original Polish parts. These kits were carefully de-milled piece by piece

May have hardwood or laminate wood. The early kits with blued finish are typically hardwood

All major serialized parts such as bolt, bolt carrier, and barrel trunnion match

Does not include barrel or receiver

Some kits contain brand new Polish MFG trigger guards (if the old trigger guard was damaged during demilling). Our factory in Poland did this to ensure all parts were fully functional with these parts kits.

Product Reviews

(20 Ratings, 12 Reviews) Average Rating:
Sexier than socks on a rooster!!!!
Brandon Henry (Cheyenne, Wy) 2/12/2015 1:56 AM
Awesome kit, was my first build, went together perfect, most parts looked new let alone a good to very good rating that they give them, couldnt be happier, Great Job AOA!
great kit
crazy1 (Madera, CA) 12/13/2014 11:48 PM
This will be my first build and can't wait to get started,this kit is just what I expected AoA did NOT with confidence,as i myself read all the reviews
Buy with confidence!
RLS (Wisconsin) 11/16/2014 4:24 PM
If you are buying kits elseware .. Bad choice. Arms of America is the best and most reliable place online to purchase quality parts kits.
I'm impressed
Jason (Nevada) 11/9/2014 1:24 AM
purchasing a used and surplus kit online can be quite a risk. You will never get the exact pieces pictured in the add, and typically the parts are well used and douched in cosmoline. Knowing this, and never having bought a kit from AoA before, I took a chance and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Well, once I unwrapped and inspected each peice, I was very impressed; each part with a serial number matched, no cosmoline or de-milling tool marks were present and although this kit came from a surplus rifle, it appeared to have had little use. My only complaint, which is small, is the buttstock was not Polish, but appeared to be a like new piece, and of Romanian origin. I'm confident when AoA describes a kit, it's correct.
Everything looked new
Johnny Davis Jr (Vinalhaven, ME) 4/13/2014 5:10 PM
I thought I got a new kit. Being a US Marine attention to detail is everything. then I found a tiny amount of carbine on the gas tube. BEST parts kit ever!
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