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Romanian Military Mod 63 AKM47 Parts Kit *No barrel* Choice of 1963 or 1964 year kit *Major Matching Serial #'s*

Price: $299.95
We received a batch of first and second production year Md 63 AKM kits Manufactured in 1963 and 1964. We guarantee at least the bolt, bolt carrier, and barrel trunnion will be matching serial #. I have not seen any 100% matching but some of them are mostly matching and some are only the components we listed. We paid a premium to have these rifles properly demilled and every rifle carefully packaged in the original form so these are not thrown together parts. We do not guarantee the proper hardwood furniture for these kits though since most of them had cracked wood or were changed out in Romania with dongs and laminate stocks over the years. The reason we are offering these rare kits at $299.95 is because we do not have enough hardwood furniture to properly piece these back to original form. This is a great investment especially if you can score the original hardwood furniture because virtually none of these production year kits exist that were not all thrown together non matching kits.

These 53-54 year old kits were issued so expect wear but they are still fully operational. Some of these kits will still contain the original hardwood but the hardwood will be cracked and in very rough shape. They may possibly have carvings/trench art, cracked wood, small dents and or cracks in the dust cover, worn furniture, and lots of finish wear! As for the condition of the actual parts they are still in good condition with the battlefield look you would expect for this age. We have a Cat 2 option for $349.00 if you would like one that looks very good to excellent condition.

If you have a preference between 1963 or 1964 please leave a note in the comment section. Otherwise we will send you whatever we pull up first. The majority of these kits are actually 1963 with only a few 1964's

QTY 1 kit for each order

We offer our high end 4150 black nitride barrel right here for $99
We offer our top of the line actual Military Cold Hammer Forged Sporter replacement barrel here

You will still need to purchase a barrel, receiver, rivets/screws, and other small parts to complete this. These are original full auto Military rifles so you must comply with 922r and build this rifle in semi auto.

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