WBP Fox Parts Kit - 7.62x39 W/ Polish Beryl Rail - *HEAD SPACED*

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Headspaced Polish *Forged* Model WBP AKM-47 kit 7.62x39 Cal w/ Polish Military Beryl Rail System.

100% Brand new Polish production AKM-47 Parts kit. These kits include many features from the popular WBP Fox rifle:
+WBP Forged and 100% milled Trunnions, bolt, and bolt carrier
+Beryl Cut rear sight & Rear Tunnion to accept Polish Beryl Rail system
+Includes weaver style Beryl Rail to mount optics immediately, can swap to 1913 Rail if chosen
+Rail can be mounted and removed repeatedly without affecting zero, and rail does not cover iron sights

This WBP Fox Sporter replacement parts kit includes everything minus the stock, pistol grip, receiver, rivets, and trigger parts. Standard AKM furniture such as Magpul, Tapco, and most surplus furniture will fit this kit.

All of the parts in this package are brand new mil spec parts either Manufactured by WBP or the Polish Small Arms Defense Factory FB (formerly Radom) and shipped to the US. But during assembly in the US the finish is often scratched on some parts which is unavoidable. Most builders refinish the rifle once it is entirely assembled. But if you plan not to refinish after building expect some small areas with finish removed which happens during barrel population. This can easily be touched up

Your kit is 100% head-spaced correct out of the box. We perform a series of checks across several team members prior to every order going out.
If you have concerns, you must check headspace before changing anything about the headspaced assembly. If you have questions, please take pictures, and/or video, and reach out to us.
Once the barrel is removed, or any alteration has been made to the populated barrel, at that point the customer or builder becomes responsible for a proper build.
AOA cannot take responsibility for a headspaced assembly once alterations have been made to our gunsmith's work.
Removing the barrel and reinstalling it may result in head-space loosening or tightening of your pre-head spaced kit.
Recheck head-space after you are done riveting your trunnion into your receiver and reinstall the barrel, and ensure it is good before pressing the barrel pin.
Once all built, please clean your firearm before firing to make sure your new firearm is clear of assembly or shipping debris,
Thank you again.


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    Awesome kit!!

    Posted by Kevin on Oct 22nd 2020

    Was absolutely blown away at the great quality of the kit. Parts kit consists of a mix of WBP and FB Radom parts, although I know that WBP works very closely with the world-renown FB Radom company so rest assured the parts are top-notch no matter which of the two companies they come from. (I also happen to be Polish myself so I was exceptionally happy once I finally got my hands on this kit, although bit of a bias :) ). I was originally sent the Weaver-style Beryl rail mount but requested an RMA/swap for the Picatinny version and Arms of America customer service helped me out real fast no questions asked. Really can't wait to have this kit built on a custom receiver. Great kit, great importer, zero complaints. If you want a newly-built, modern, heavily customizable, excellent quality yet inexpensive AKM-style rifle, then this is the kit for you.