AK HAMMR Magazine Release Tool

Price: $24.99


The AK H.A.M.M.R.™ was developed as an enhancement for AK-47 style rifles. AK H.A.M.M.R.™ stands for "AK Hybrid Adaptive Magnetic Magazine Release. The hybrid designation comes from the fact that the AK H.A.M.M.R.™ can be used as a semi-permanent magazine release enhancement or simply as a bullet button tool for California based AK owners. The AK H.A.M.M.R.™ is adaptive in that it can adapt to many different AK platforms as well as several bullet button (magazine lock) styles.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Recommended compatibility: Solar Tactical style magazine locks for AK pattern rifles. (Or any of the mag locks we sell on our website will work)

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Product Reviews

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