Bosnian Two Rib AK47-30rd Magazine - 1 qty

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These rare and uncommon 7.62x39 magazines were hastily manufactured during the Balkan conflict in Bosnia and are highly sought after by collectors. These magazines range from very good condition + and they have a thick coat of cosmoline on them as per the photo. Some of these magazines appear to have rust stains and a little bit of wear from military service.
*Only 1 magazine included per purchase - the crate full of magazines is simply to provide an example of the condition


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    Bosnian 2 Rib

    Posted by Ryan Johnson on Jan 14th 2021

    I just bought my first Bosnian 2 Rib from AoA and was very pleased. It came just like I thought covered in cosmeline. After cleaning it up it looks really good and have no doubt that it will function fine. Definitely am planning on buying more while they are around. Thanks AoA !

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    “Bosnian” Two rib

    Posted by Sebastian on Dec 13th 2020

    Very pleased with my order. I got two of these and one is in like new condition the other has signs of wear/use which is fine as I have representations of both now. Price was the only downer.

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    Quality Varies, but cool item to have

    Posted by Jeff on Sep 28th 2020

    I bought one. The first one had large dents and scratches and a very worn finish. The finish wasn’t the issue, the dents were. Called AoA, with photos, and convinced me to buy another. Wasn’t a hard sell lol bought another one and it showed up in Mint condition. Even for hastily made mags, it was in great shape.

    One will be run, the other is a collectors item. Thanks again AoA

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    Good for a fairly scarce mag

    Posted by Coyote Armory on Jul 3rd 2020

    I've bought 4 in total, 1 was nearly perfect save for a few dings, 2 had some minor rust on the bodies and springs, and the last had some separation on the feed lips. Nothing that made them non functional, but I'm not sure leaving that specific one loaded would be a good idea.
    For the price they're very solid and youd be hard pressed to find them elsewhere, although I wish AoA was able to get more fleur-de-lis mags in, since they've jumped up in price.
    All in all you're not buying these for a cheap surplus mag, you're buying them because they're uncommon and specific.

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    Bosnian 2 Rib

    Posted by Joshua Bell on May 15th 2020

    This thing was MINTY.

    Covered in a extremely thick layer of cosmoline, inside and out.

    After clean up this thing looked amazing. I am not sure it had ever been put in a rifle before.

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    Bosnian two rib mag

    Posted by Erik Gomez on Apr 23rd 2020

    Good price for good product