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These bayonets exhibit damage beyond what we would find acceptable to ship out for our standard 9.95 Romanian Rusty Scabbard Bayonets.

Examples of damage include broken bakelite handles or chunks of handle missing, missing or broken push button, up to and including even the complete absense of bakelight on the handle.

Blades may be dinged or damaged as well but should still be fully instact, not broken in half.

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    Old Bayonet

    Posted by James M. on Jul 21st 2021

    About what you’d expect for 5 bucks. Handles broken but blade in good shape.

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    Very Cool History

    Posted by Leman Russ on Jul 2nd 2021

    Very excited to hqve one. Mine is super beat up! For a bpfu ak build, or just a fun shelf piece, this is very cool. I'm wondering where mine has been. It has names and dates in cyrilic. I do question if it's been iradiated, but I'm sure a Giger counter was passed over them at some point! Get one.