Original Romanian Military Steel 30RD * Grade 3 Battlefield Pickup *

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These Romanian Military 30rd Magazines are are used and show wear but are in fully operational condition. Expect to see dents, dings, rust, pitting, and wear on these magazines because they are straight off the battlefield. These magazines have followers checked for functionality.


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    Posted by Teresa Walker on Jan 3rd 2022

    i buy these every time i order best value for your money

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    Not too bad

    Posted by PCV on Sep 7th 2021

    Mags show usage and some rust here and there. There are also some dents on the mag body and the ribbed metals are slightly bent. One of the mag floor plate is also bent. These are things to be expected though so the description was on point. The mags locks in all my AKs and seems to function. Won't know until taking it out to the range. But I'm happy so far with it.

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    Posted by Romanian Mag on Aug 24th 2021

    Good magazine, love the aesthetic and they are a great price. Just requires some fitment on the locking lugs but for the money I would buy again.

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    Rugged and Rough

    Posted by Paul McLagan on Jul 29th 2021

    These magazines are in great working order and the slight wear and pitting on them gives a cool look to them. The bluing is in okay condition and has its own aesthetic but I opted to touch up bluing. The weight on these feel lighter than my Yugo and Polish steel mags and for that reason I like these better than those magazines.

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    Pretty comfy magazine.

    Posted by Big Guy on Jul 8th 2021

    Smells a bit funky, but loads comfortably with clip guides and feeds decently and surprisingly wasn't a PITA to insert into my Md.63 build. It's almost like they were made for eachother.

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    Posted by EC on Jun 30th 2021

    All in all, not too bad. I would be somewhat disappointed if I paid full price, rather than the $16 sale price. Out of 5 mags purchased, one was pretty crappy. It was heavily pitted and rusty. The others weren't too bad, just a lot of usage, which is to be expected. Asked for blued/painted, but still got one that was parkerized. Would I buy these again? I don't know... maybe if I didn't have other options. If you're strictly looking for Romanian mags, then I guess I would recommend them. If you're hoping for something kind of nice, you might as well spend the extra money and get a higher grade. After seeing these in person, I would have felt better had they been about $2 cheaper per mag. Oh well... at least they have them in stock, and they were shipped quickly.

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    Cheap enough, good enough

    Posted by Jon Crews on Mar 18th 2021

    For 14.99, they’re a good deal. I ordered 16 total. Most of mine would be considered grade 3. I was pleased. Expect them to come straight out of the mud and dirt. They’ll all clean up better than they first appear. A brass brush and some gun oil will do the trick. I had one 1 that looked new after cleaning. Mostly Romanian mags. I think there were a few other origins in that mix. I did have 2 mags that were pretty rough. One had a bent bottom and the floorplate was bent too and won’t come off. The follower gets stuck there. One had excessive rust everywhere. The bad part of that is that it’s between layers. Overall, I would recommend picking up a few. I have the rusted mag soaking overnight, trying to get in those hard to reach places. I’m still trying to fix the bent mag. These 2 mags are the only two of the 16 mags I got if I saw at a store I wouldn’t have paid 14.99 for.

    AoA customer service is excellent. They talk to you like you’re a friend and not just a cc#. My customer service rep experience alone made me an AoA for life.

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    Romanian grade 3 magazine

    Posted by Kyle Nunn on Mar 17th 2021

    Very nice condition for grade 3 battlefield pickup. Out of the two o ordered none had any rust or dents. Perfect worn patina finish. They function perfectly and look fantastic. Time to order more

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    Great mags, cleaned up great

    Posted by Nick on Mar 13th 2021

    Great mags, a little rough around the edges but work fine, and clean up great. Bought 12+, one wasn't working but AoA is on the case and sending a replacement after getting back the return on the one