NEW Honey Laminate Wood Stock Set + CHEESE GRATER Upper HG

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Out of Stock

Brand new production stock set from Taiwan, also featuring a PSA Cheese Grater!

This Honey laminate set is a rich golden color. The pistol grip includes a metal ferule, and lower handguard has a palm swell shape. The Buttstock does not feature a trapdoor, and sling swivel is mounted to the left side.

The upper wood handguard in this set will not fit on all gas tubes, and fitment by the end user may be difficult. As such, we are including a US PSA-made steel Cheese Grater upper handguard! Cheese Graters offer amazing heat dissipation over other materials, as wood or polymer is an insulator that traps gas tube heat, and steel is a conductor. The grater does not remain hot due to the holes, allowing air to rapidly cool the handguard itself, as well as the gas tube, at a much faster rate than wood or polymer upper handguards.

Due to the nature of laminate wood it is possible the color or pattern could vary slightly on the furniture.  We do not offer exchanges, returns, or special requests with this product. This is brand new furniture that has never been assembled so some slight drilling for the stock screws and fitment may be required. The stock screws are not included since you can typically reuse those parts from your existing AK rifle but if required we do sell them.