*OVERSIZED* Polish FB Radom New 7.62x39 Chrome Cold Hammer Forged Barrel for Sporter Replacement- *HG retainer cut and threaded barrel

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Out of Stock

No more Knurling!

These brand new Polish Fabryka Broni "FB Radom" chrome lined cold hammer forged sporting configured barrels are without a doubt the nicest 7.62x39 barrels we have ever seen and probably the highest quality in the world. These cold hammer forged barrels are produced on one of the later model Steyr-Mannlicher hammer forging machines which only a few places in the world possess. Fabryka Broni currently has one of the newest and most state of the art small arms factories in the world. They perform everything in house including the chrome process to ensure they produce one of the most accurate 7.62x39 barrels in the world. This barrel was threaded in standard 14/1 LH thread by the professionals at AK-Builder and the handguard retainer slot was also machined in place for the standard Romanian WASR configuration.
These barrels are a perfect solution to replacing your 922r sporting rifle shot out barrel with something that is actually better than the original. This barrel is compatible with most Polish, Russian, Egyptian, Romanian, and most other European stamped 922r Sporter AK 7.62x39 rifles

Not a US part *Made in Poland* 

We will serialize a factory provided certificate with each barrel that Fabryka Broni sent us to ensure you are not receiving an inferior product/knock off. Each barrel is clearly serialized as well to ensure the authenticity

10:1 twist
Handguard retainer slots are cut
Barrel is threaded standard 14/1 LH thread

  • Chamber: .910 - For oversized #3 trunnions
  • Rear sight base: 17.55mm - 17.63mm
  • Handguard retainer side slot: 17mm
  • Gas block: 15.04mm - 15.12mm
  • Front sight base: 14.54mm- 14.62mm


For those curious about Fabryka Broni here is a video link to FB Radom