Polish Radom Circle 11 AKM 47 7.62x39 Parts kit *Battlefield Condition*

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These are original Polish Military AKM-47 parts kits from the famous Radom factory in Poland. Guarantied to have at least matching bolt, carrier, and trunnion. Kits are complete minus the barrel and receiver (minus other small parts like rivets and 922r required parts). Some kits have a polished bolt & carrier and are from the 60's and others are from the 70's and might have a painted or park'd carrier. The wood was shipped with the metal parts so it may have dents or dings.

These may have some surface rust on the parts (possibly a tiny bit of pitting on a few parts but everything we have examined looks like it will come off easy and make a brand new looking rifle after refinishing). We are calling them battlefield condition for these reason but they are really nice kits besides the cosmetic issued which can be refinished.

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Product Reviews

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Brian (Walcott) 3/1/2019 12:33 PM
Well I was kind of hoping for a polished bolt group kit but this parkerized battleship gray kit is really awesome and looks to me like it was only test fired maybe lightly used if at all. The bolt shows so little wear it is amazing, literally a couple teeny tiny little spots on the bottom of the bolt where it rides over the rounds in the magazine, there is absolutely no wear on the lugs or the bolt face. The exterior finish has some light scratches is maybe from being shipped or possibly being banged around the warehouse before demill it has been waiting for me for half a century haha. Front sight is a little tweaked on one side with some gouges, no prob. Seems like most of the parts match except the trigger guard and hand guard retainer, those are painted black over park. I’m really impressed with this kit and can not wait to build it, I’ve got a chf polish barrel on the way and a Childers receiver, plan is to maybe appliance epoxy the exterior parts and leave the bolt group parked. Thanks Arms of America!