Polish Radom Circle 11 AKM Parts Kit w/ Hardwood furniture *Very Good Condition +* Last kit is a 1968 blued kit w/ polish bolt & carrier matching #'s

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This last kit is a 1968 all matching hardwood kit w/ polished bolt & carrier

These rifles were issued so expect finish missing, small dings in some of the dust covers, and the hard wood furniture may contain cracks/scratches/dents/and or dings. We try to picture one of the rougher kits we can find and the actual metal components are in very good condition and have a long life ahead of them. These still contain the rivet stubs left over from demilling in some of the parts and some kits show some signs of marks from drilling out the rivets.

These kits do not include a barrel, receiver, rivets, retainer plates, and other semi auto 922r parts that are needed during the build.

As mentioned some of the hardwood furniture has tiny cracks and may have been repaired or simply just has a crack with no repair. We are making sure all the hardwood sent out is fully intact and still serviceable but it is possible you will need to work some refinishing magic to cover up cosmetic stuff. Some kits have muzzle nuts and some have slant brakes

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Product Reviews

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Troy Danielson (Houston, TX) 2/11/2019 9:11 PM
After thoroughly inspecting each piece,I have to add that while AOA states that they've pictured one of the rougher kits on the product page,leading one to believe there are some kits in BETTER shape, don't hold your breath!!! The pictured kit is rough indeed and unfortunately I seem to have been the one who received it!!! The pistol grip that came with my kit is nearly unidentifiable!!! It looks more like a dog's chew toy... well chewed and beyond useable!!! These are actually closer to battlefield pickup condition!!!... For the money,I've gotta say the blue's just not there!!!
Rough Demill
Troy Danielson (Houston, TX) 2/11/2019 7:18 AM
Expected a little better demill. Several rivet holes were egged... one trigger guard rivet hole at least 50% drilled out during demill. Hoped rear site numbers would be matching also, but that wasn't promised. Unfortunately, the rough demill is actually what takes this kit from a "very good" to only a "good"!!! Oh well!!!