PPSH-41 Parts Kit + 72 Rd Drum & Accessories

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Rare chance to pickup a piece of history with these World War II era beautiful condition Russian PPSH-41 kits!  

They are torch cut and demilled from original machine guns, ready to be re-welded and built back to semi-auto or full post-sample glory. A Receiver and barrel will be needed for completion.

This kit will come with an original 72rd drum mag, drum pouch, cleaning rod, oiler, and sling. Everything is coated in cosmoline which has helped preserve the parts over the past 60-80 years but they still may have minor rust spots.

Torch cut barrel chunks are included as well.

*Most of the slings are still in good shape, but some have a lot of wear on them considering their age. We cannot gaurantee the sling or oiler style/condition as we received a wide variety of both oilers and slings.

These were originally chambered in 7.62 Tokarev, but are able to be conveted to 9mm as well.

From what we have observed, all drums are Molot stamped, and may have proof stampings and serial number etchings as well. These drums appear to be in mostly excellent to unissued condition, and 90% of them are soaked in cosmoline. The Molot stamped drums will be selected and shipped for as long as we have one.  If they run out we won't be able to swap, unfortunately since there won't be any to swap with.

Produced from 1941-1960's.
*6/11/2021- we have finished sorting through all of the kits and verified NO 1941 dated kits. Most dated 43-45. Very few 42 or 46+, several with illegible dates.

*Unable to ship to Washington state