Original Romanian Military Steel 30rd Magazine *Grade 4 Battlefield Pickup Repairs needed*

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These are the last of the remaining AK47 30rd Military magazines we imported with our Romanian kits. The majority of these magazines will need to be dissembled and soaked to remove rust. Some have dents that will need to be pushed out and moderate pitting is also seen on some of these as pictured. We are selling these below cost as a Gunsmith Special because they will require repair and lots of tlc *QTY 1 magazine per order

Sold as is and no returns

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Product Reviews

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Awesome Deal!
Dewey Noland (Florida) 1/6/2018 4:29 PM
15 minutes of work and I got 10 awesome mags!! A couple followers stuck, whoopdee. Definitely going to buy more, if available...
Quit your bitchin Stan
El diablo (Hell) 12/30/2017 3:56 PM
Great mags for the price, even if for just parts.
waist of time and money.
Stan (NH) 9/1/2017 7:49 PM
Bought 10, got one that was not rotted out and useable. Rest of them had pitting that when cleaned I ended up with holes in mags and followers. Several were crushed enough on the top the followers would not go to the top and there is no way to work out that damage. Must had got the bottom of the barrel to fill the order. Cost of them plus shipping was NOT a deal. Bought many thousands of $$$ here and this is the first time I was very unhappy with the product. Pure junk!
B.F.P.U. MAG's
Jose (Missouri) 8/21/2017 1:35 AM
I don't know what hurt the worst the heart attack that I had and being put in the hospital and spending a week in there but coming out on my own two feet or the second heart attack I had.(LOL) when I realized that while in the hospital I missed the opportunity to find out that AOA was selling these mags again ordered 10 August 2nd. the professional salesman at AOA told me about the grade 4 mags and their condition so instead of ordering more I made the mistake of only ordering 10, what I received were 10 slightly rusted and some very minor pitted mags. of the 10 they were dirty and grungy but in very good shape followers were a little sticky on five and stuck on the other five stood them up in the Box they came in sprayed the followers and the inside of the mag from the top up without disassembling with REM oil let them soak overnight and all mag moving except for one, now the cleaning process I took them apart and soak them in kerosene, kerosene cleaned up the grunge and dirt and loosened up quite a bit of the rust with a wire brush I removed remaining rust off side's of the follower's and at the top of the mag well had 9 functioning mags very quickly 10th mag took a little more effort to remove the follower but she came out. that one mag required more cleaning and rust removal of all the other mags received so then I had 10 working mags in very good condition, overall I was more than very pleased with the mags and their condition took very little work to obtain 10 working magazines from AOA for a super low price of only $4 a piece my only regret was missing out while in the hospital and not being able to obtain more of these grade 4 mags unbelievable deal thank AOA for a great product at a great price sincerely JDM.
Pleasantly surprised .
Mitchell Farlow (Interlachen, FL) 8/20/2017 4:34 PM
I ordered ten magazines. I was pleasantly surprised when I inspected them . Two were heavily rusted but salvageable . Two had their sidewall beat in that restricts the follower , I will use for parts . The other six were bound up and needed minor adjustments to get in working condition . Overall I think eight out of ten will operate . Not bad .