Romanian Md 1964 7.62x39 RPK Parts kit minus barrel *30rd Mag & Cleaning Rod NOT Included*

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We finally received a small batch of the highly desirable Romanian Md 1964 RPK's! These rifles were purchased overseas complete and demilled by an actual Military arsenal. We do not guarantee matching serial numbers. The years on these kits range from mid 60's and up and we can not guarantee certain years at this time unfortunately. These rifles were hand selected by our agent out of a lot of Cat 3/Battlefield Rifles so expect parts and furniture to show wear similar to our Military Battlefield Md 63's. That could include carvings in the stock sets/trench art, rust, lots of finish wear, dents/dings in the dust cover, tweaked front sight posts pushed inwards, and cracks in the upper hg. The rifles we received are still in fully functional condition and our selection was focused on selecting rifles perfect for builds that still have a long life ahead.

A small number of these kits could have a little bit of rust or pitting spots (typically on the bipod or dust cover). A small amount of water got into a few of these kits and we have pulled the worst to be parted out but some will show a little rust. All the cleaning rods that are left are rusty

*30rd Magazine not included*
The little metal sling clip shown on the hand guard retainer may or may not be present *some soldier just left that on this particular kit*

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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Good Kits
Kody Shaffer (Philippi, WV ) 3/23/2018 3:54 PM
Nice kit in great shape for its age. No rust or damaged components,would definitely buy again. Trunion was a size 2,all other barrel components were sized 1.
She's mature but still a looker
P.S. (CA) 3/9/2018 4:49 PM
Some dings and spots. Finish is but a memory. Furniture dark and some pitting. That said, I should hope to look as nice at 50. Only negative: was going to part out for a Frankenstein project, but I couldn't bear to break up these matching parts. Gonna keep original and try to do this lovely rifle justice, dang you AoA!
great kit
John Metz (Milton, PA) 3/3/2018 4:58 AM
beautiful '66 kit everything matched except gas tub(no big deal)
Two Great kits, again, from AOA (TX) 2/25/2018 5:57 PM
I bought two hand-select kits and they were both super nice, one well used and one really nice and crisp. I buy a lot of kits from AOA and I will continue to do so.
Couldn't have asked for more
Jeremy Orr (Georgia) 2/20/2018 2:33 PM
Got a hand select kit, 1966 all matching save the return spring. The condition is great, one minor ding on the dust cover, but an easy fix. Wood looks solid with no cracks or splits. Trunion is a 2, gas block looks to be a 1, and sight block is a 2, so no problems with a standard barrel. Should make for a great build. No parts missing. Thanks again!