Romanian Md 1964 7.62x39 RPK Parts kit *Gunsmith Special* Cleaning Rod Not included

Price: $349.00


We have a crate of Romanian Military RPK light machine gun kits we are discounting down due to minor issues such as missing the bipod clamp, front sight post tweaked in, and typical battlefield issues like cracked upper handguards. We do not check for matching numbers on these since they are discounted down as a gunsmith special. These will make a perfect build for the customer looking for some character or a gunsmith that can easily fix these issues. This is a complete parts kit minus barrel and receiver.

These are very desirable light machine guns still in active Military service today. We sell the barrels and receivers for these kits so a customer can easily bring this back to life in legal 922r format.

*Cleaning rod not included*

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Product Reviews

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