Romanian Model 1963/65 AKM-47 Underfolding Stock Submachine Parts kit minus barrel and receiver -Gunsmith special may be non matching or large dents

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These Rare Romanian MD 63 Underfolders AKM 47's are highly collectable and make excellent compact 7.62x39 rifles! Carefully demilled by experts. These kits are the gunsmith specials discounted for non matching #'s, large dents in the dust cover, and possible cracked wood. We will not guarantee you receive a reverse dong because some of these kits are palm swell lowers

A lot of these kits have cracks in the upper wood handguard

We offer our high end 4150 black nitride barrel right here for $99
We offer our top of the line actual Military Cold Hammer Forged Sporter replacement barrel here

You will still need to purchase a barrel, receiver, rivets/screws, and other small parts to complete this. These are original full auto Military rifles so you must comply with 922r and build this rifle in semi auto. These kits were issued so expect wear but they are still fully operational. They will have finish wear and possibly carvings, small cracks, small dents, and dings in parts and or the wood furniture.


Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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Excellent Kit!
Pablo Kampfer (Albuquerque) 1/28/2019 7:39 PM
Was anticipating having to sand blast & parkerize the parts but this kit's parts (M68) are like new/unissued with no 'trench art' on the furniture. Major parts have matching serial nrs. Have dealt with AOA before and will continue to do so as they are a pleasure to deal with.
What a deal!
Daniel Smith (Powder Springs, GA) 12/20/2018 6:43 PM
Very workable unit matching numbers or not. Came with much more than described and shipped in a timely manner. What a deal! Do yourself a favor and order the barrel with the kit.
Great kit
Ronny (Oklahoma) 6/27/2018 11:18 AM
Fast service the kit is more then i thought thought it was going to be love aoa will always come back
EXCELLENT But Forgot One Major Part
Jake Evans (Venice, CA) 6/16/2018 10:54 PM
I am extremely satisfied with this kit and would recommend anyone to buy this. The one issue that i have with this isnt the product. Arms of America forgot to send me a rear sight block. They also gave me two safety levers. Over all, I love it but I am going to need the rear sight block I payed for with this kit
Just got my kit in!!
andrew (Alaska) 8/11/2017 1:45 PM
Just got my kit in the mail and well i couldent even wait to unbox it. Sitting in my car at the Post office ripping threw the box like a lil kid on Chrismas day. First impressions are that the internals are very clean with what looks to be very little use. The bolt and carrier are both numbers matching witch im pleased to see! The rest of the kit is non matching but of little effect to me and IMHO adds to the BFPU look as many rifles that iv used when over seas where rebuilt from other parts. I was very pleased to see that my kit came with the "reverce dong" grip, and looks to be very minor light scratches and dents so that was nice. The wood grips do have some minor seperation on the laminet but nothing that some wood glue cant repair. The wood on the gas tube has some cool trench art, some heavy dents and scratches and a few repairable cracks but again adds to the BFPU look witch is what im going for in this build. The gas block, front sights, dust cover and folding stock all have minor scratches and dings but nothing out of the normal. Does have alot of the bluing removed do to use but i like that! Kit came with all the pins and springs and dosn't look like anything is missing. The front trunion is stamped with the triditional Romainian marking and the date stamp of 1969 witch made me giggle. Over all this is a great kit! Ive bought and built several kits in the past some in better condition and some in worse but for the price that these kits are going for here they are 100% functional and a hard to beat price! Also on a side note i ordered a nitrid barrle with this kit and that is a really good price with a great finnish and should work well on this kit.