Start Up DIY AK Builder Tool Kit

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Whats Included In this Kit


AK-Builder Barrel Press Kit

You will need a 12 ton press or higher for most projects, or 20 ton for RPKs. Shop presses can be found at various hardware/tool shops.
Drop down
tab option is dependent on YOUR shop press, please verify your press before choosing and ordering: 1"
3580 or 1.6" 4735

This tool Removes the barrel pins with a captive system that holds a hardened pin to reduce the chance of flying projectiles from other methods

Remove the barrel with a brass block plus two trunnion blocks Install the barrel with either a shop press or pipe clamp

Install the barrel pin and finish your assembly Removing barrel from finished receiver is possible with simple socket and extension



AK-Builder Rivet Tool

Item : 3575

It will not install the trigger guard rivets.

Are you ready for a completely new riveting tool? This is based on Plinker's original riveting jig as well as a modification from another AK gunsmith and upgraded with my own special touches.

The large round ram and the ram arm are made from 4140 alloy steel and heat treated. There is only one ram that presses the rear of the rivet and it is captured so it won't pivot left or right. The ram will reach the rear rivet on the underfolder/sidefolder trunnions.

I have designed the rivet head supports and dimpling tools after the parts made in the aircraft industry. The dimple tool is stepped so that if you press it in too much it won't leave any marks that will be visible after installing the swell neck rivet.

The rivet support is rounded off to keep from having a dent put into the receiver from using small rectangle blocks with indentions for rivets. There will only be one size made for the rivets that I sell. When I put these up for sale I will offer rivets at a discount when you buy the jig.


This uses the same basic design as Plinker's long rivet jig. The rivet centering tools and head forming tools are basically the same, but will be modified slightly. With this tool you can install the long rivet on the front of the Yugo/RPK bulged front trunnions. It will even let you look at the head as it's being formed so you can see what it looks like before removing the receiver from the jig. The key to having a nice rivet head is centering the ram over the rivet before forming the head.

The long rivet jig is the best way to set the center support rivet. I've tried it with the regular jigs before and it has a tendency to crush the rails around the center support. The way this tool works it focuses all of the energy in a straight line down into the rivet and will consistently work better than any other method. It may not be as fast as just hitting the rivet with a hammer, but it will form a much nicer rivet head.


AK47 Trigger Guard Riveting Jig

Item :3585

This jig will install the five trigger guard rivets. The front four rivets can be set at once and the rear will be done separately. There is a magnet that holds the rear rivet support to keep it from falling off.

The rear support block is removable to work with receiver flats that have the front four trigger guard holes in the wrong place as well as my flats and Nodak receivers that have the correct spacing.

Removing the block also gives clearance when installing the rear rivet of the trigger guard that goes through the reinforcement plate.

The square block that sets the front rivets is made of heat treated steel and may need to be ground to fit receivers that have the bump on the right side rail.


AK Trunnion Rivet Hole Drilling Fixture

Item :5485

Here is a professional tool for drilling the front and rear trunnion holes in AK47 receivers. This tool will work with 7.62 trunnions
This tool will work with 7.62 and 5.45 trunnions using two different expanding mandrels that fit into the trunnion. The red mandrel fits the 7.62 and the blue fits the 5.45 The tool now comes with both the red 7.62 and blue 5.45 mandrels Any rear trunnion can be mounted to be drilled so you aren't limited to just one style.

If you are building on an 80% Receiver blank:

The only tool not included in this bundle is SKU: 4385 which is the Reciver Blank Drilling Fixture. This tool would be needed to drill out the FCG holes, and safetey selector hole.


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    Am rivet tools

    Posted by Jeremy Davis on Aug 3rd 2020

    I have used other manufacturers rivet tools and I can honestly say these are easier to use and make a good looking rivet. I should have just spent the money and bought these instead of the alternative.

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    Great kit

    Posted by Anthony Schatzl on May 15th 2020

    Very good startup kit. Or great if you just want new building tools. I used this to replay e cheap tools I had purchased before. Highly recommend al builder.