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For questions about order status, please see our Shipping Times below:

Shipping Time-frames:

Here is our current shipping situation based on order type, if you are checking on an unshipped order please see if it falls into one of these categories. Please note that these time frames are an approximate estimate, and can fluctuate based on order volume (especially for kit orders):

  • Most normal parts orders
    can expect a current processing time of about 1-4 business days to ship.
    Business days do not include weekends!

  • FFL Orders:
    4-7 business days
    if we have the FFL on file and do not need a copy.
    If we need to receive or update the FFL then there is no expected ship time as we MUST receive the FFL before we are able to process the order. If your FFL order has not shipped yet and is older than 7 business days, PLEASE CHECK and see if we are still waiting to receive an FFL copy!!!
    Your order notes will have an automated note that says NEED FFL or FFL OUT OF DATE. We need to receive a copy of the FFL before we can ship, please have your FFL email us a copy along with your order number and we will get it processed ASAP.
    An automated message would have notified you about this right after the order was placed, but sometimes it may go to your spam folder. Replying to that email also does not work as it is an automated message from our checkout system, the FFL copy must be sent to along with your order number.

    Barrel work orders
    are now processed on Wednesdays, so orders that need barrel work can expect to ship usually every Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Headspaced kits have a current estimated lead time of 7-9 weeks from the date of order placement.

  • Non-headspaced kits Due to extremely high order volume, kit orders are currently expected to ship 2-3 weeks from order date.
    *Orders with hand select year requests may take longer, due to the nature of trying to find specific years and grades that match.

  • If you have a tracking number that is not updating- During this time of year we receive many inquiries about delayed or long shipping times, people believe a package may be "lost" if it is in transit for 7+ days. 99% of these packages arrive within 30 calendar days, truly LOST shipments are rare. We recommend you talk to your local post office if you have been waiting a long time for a delivery. If it has been longer than 30 days since your package shipped out, please let us know and at that point we will have USPS Business Support open a search. If it has been less than 30 days, please wait to contact us as the chances of your package being delayed and just arriving late are much higher than the odds of being lost! USPS often does not scan packages upon pickup, so if a label is created but has no tracking information, we often see their first update only after arriving at your local post office, which may take some days from the moment the package has shipped.

  • Our goal is first rate service and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! Though rare, we are still human and orders may fall through the cracks, so if it has been longer than the stated time frames above and your order has not shipped, please feel free to contact us.

    We do kindly ask that you allow us the allotted time stated above before reaching out for a status update.