FB Chrome Lined Hammer Forged "Sporter" Barrel 16"

**Adding gunsmith services will add +1-3 WEEKS LEAD TIME depending on order volume**
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Any additional gunsmithing services will add up to an additional +1-3 week lead time.

These brand new Polish Fabryka Broni "FB Radom" chrome lined cold hammer forged sporting configured barrels are without a doubt the nicest 7.62x39 barrels we have ever seen and probably the highest quality in the world. These barrels can provide up to 10 X the life of any US 7.62x39 barrel. No AK barrel MFG in the US has the barrel production capabilities of Fabryka Broni

These are not your early production 7.62x39 barrels, these are even better! These cold hammer forged barrels are produced on one of the later model Steyr-Mannlicher hammer forging machines which only a few places in the world possess.  Fabryka Broni is without a doubt the most skilled and modernized factory in the world to produce this style barrel. Arms of America was lucky enough to be invited to the new modernized factory in Poland to witness these highly skilled workers achieve absolute perfection in every part they produce.

  We can serialize a factory provided certificate upon request with each barrel that Fabryka Broni sent us to ensure you are not receiving an inferior product/knock off. Each barrel is clearly serialized as well to ensure the authenticity. (Place request in comments before checkout, requests made after order placement will not be fulfilled)

-10:1 twist
-extractor clearance cut is already in place
-side hand guard retainer slot is in place
-No gas port. We do not drill gas ports on lone barrels even on request to prevent potential alignment issues with your parts of choice.
-top hand guard retainer slot is missing
-barrel is NOT threaded and not turned down for threading. These were imported as a sporter barrel to replace your existing imported sporting rifle shot out barrel.

  • Chamber: 23.045-23.10
  • Rear sight base: 17.55mm - 17.63mm
  • Handguard retainer side slot: 17mm
  • Gas block: 15.04mm - 15.12mm
  • Front sight base: 14.54mm- 14.62mm

  • Blued outer finish
  • 16" length barrel

These sporting configured barrels are a perfect solution to replacing your rare collectible sporting rifle shot out barrel with something that is actually better than the original. This barrel is compatible with Polish, Russian, Egyptian, Romanian, and most other European stamped press sporter AK 7.62x39 rifles.

For those curious about Fabryka Broni here is a video link to FB Radom


  • 5

    Posted by Nick on Oct 1st 2022

    Very very nice

  • 5
    Akm chrome line barrel

    Posted by Lou schultz on Jul 9th 2022

    Excellent quality all tolerances are right on

  • 5
    FB barrel

    Posted by Mike jones on Jun 21st 2022

    This a great barrels and the performance is spot on. I would like to see a 12.5 verison that CHF chrome lined or a 556 version with the same build quality. Definitely on my build list for future projects

  • 5
    AK barrels

    Posted by The Armory Guns and Ammo on Jun 17th 2022

    As one the best premier AK builders, we're very particular about barrels. These barrels are always to spec and fit and finish are perfect.

  • 5
    FB Radom barrels

    Posted by Nate on May 3rd 2022

    Beautiful barrels, got 3 one for a polish build, tula build and an izhmash. We will see how they come together and how they perform. But just by looking at them I have high hopes.

  • 5

    Posted by Justin Harris on Mar 7th 2022

    Product is awesome- better than I expected. Thank you, again, for great products

  • 5

    Posted by Pete on Feb 4th 2022

    Super fast shipping

  • 5
    Polish barrel

    Posted by Jason P on Jan 13th 2022

    Haven't done anything with the barrel yet but it's the best option right now for new production commbloc barrels for demilled kits. Was expecting a lead time as advertised it it was shipped almost right away. Been buying from AoA for quite a few years now and they have always gone above and beyond for me. When they can they try to hand select exactly what you are after too which I love.

  • 4
    Best Option

    Posted by EC on Jan 1st 2022

    Not quite as good as the ones that came from Poland already threaded, since this must now be done after the fact, but still a high quality Polish Barrel. Obviously, not threaded upon import due to restrictions. Still the best option available for a chrome lined barrel.