308 GO/NO-Go Gauge Set

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308 GO NO-Go Set

Headspace gauges from precision ground hardened US steel to SAAMI’s ANSI tolerances. Headspace is the distance between breech face and the base of the cartridge when the action is closed. It is best to remove the extractor, ejector, and firing pin from the bolt to achieve optimal results when checking headspace. The use of both GO and NO-GO headpsace gauges is essential for all newly reamed chambers or a newly installed barrel to a trunnion . This ensures a safe and accurate chamber that will accept SAAMI maximum ammo. Warning – Never force an action closed on any gauge.

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    Clymer .308 Go-NoGo Gauge

    Posted by Virgil on Mar 19th 2022

    I've been looking around for this gauge for awhile for my build and stumbled upon AOA. Great service, quick delivery, and reasonably priced. Excellent product. Finally checked the headspace on my Faxon Big Gunner barrel with a Toolcraft bolt and all checked out good. I will be shopping here again for other things for sure. Thank you!

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    308 Win go/no-go gauges

    Posted by Thomas Hanke on Feb 11th 2022

    Helped diagnose an issue with a new ar10 build. Was “assured” by the very reputable company that all products shipped were manufactured in spec. Didn’t have the gauges when I built it. It cycled ammo fine without firing, so thought it’d be okay. Took rifle to the range and it would not hold open bolt on an empty magazine. Tried all adjustments on the gas block and even tried an adjustable buffer. The barrel and bcg are from same company. Very frustrating. Got these gauges and removed the ejector and extractor from the bolt. Quick checked it by putting back in bcg and putting in upper. Freakin thing wouldn’t close on the go gauge, only with a lot of pressure would it even try to turn. With the current trend of putting out parts as fast as possible, QA is starting to fall off. Talked with my local gunsmith and he’s having people bring in top of the line AR’s with multiple problems. Probably won’t use them a lot, but now I have the hassle of sending back the barrel and bcg for them to replace or fix them. Should never have been shipped that way. Will never build another one without using these gauges.