JMAC: 360 1/2-28 Facemount KeyMount (KeyMicro)

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In order to use this device with a suppressor, it must be installed by a professional - to ensure it is properly mounted and aligned. Do NOT shoot without checking alignment with bore rods. JMac Customs is not responsible for any damage to the suppressor, or any injury or death resulting from improper installation. Some firearms are NOT suitable suppressor hosts, just because you can thread this muzzle device on, does NOT mean it is safe to use.   Not rated for use on <10" barrels with suppressors and rapid fire.



With the advancement of suppressor technology and the popularity of the KeyMount mounting system, the 360-28F was designed to allow users to install a KeyMount compatible muzzle device on their firearm that not only worked well, but also complemented the look of the firearm. The 360-28F is designed to sleeve over the factory barrel approximately .98" and partially cover the tri-lugs (if equipped). This allows the user to install their suppressor closer to the receiver for a shorter overall length and a better balanced firearm. In addition to a KeyMount compatible suppressor, the 360-28F is also compatible with any of our Blast Diversion Shields (BDS) in combination with the proper KeyMount adapter.

The 360-28F will work on any barrel with 1/2-28 threads that extends a minimum of 1" beyond the handguard/gas block/front sight with a diameter less-than 0.7". Below is a list of firearms we have found to be compatible with the 360-28F. Regardless of your firearm, always measure your barrel to ensure your firearm is compatible with the 360-28F before purchase.

  • HK MP5 and variants with 1/2-28 threads.
  • AR-15 - Must have "government profile barrel" or barrel with diameter behind the threads of <0.7".
  • SCAR-16 - Must have 1"+ from has adjustment to end of barrel.
  • ACR - Must have 1"+ from gas adjustment to end of barrel. 
  • FS2000 - Must be threaded 1/2-28 and must have 1"+ from has adjustment to end of barrel.
  • AUG - Must be threaded 1/2-28.
  • Scorpion EVO3 - Must not have 18mm threads behind 1/2-28. Compatible with Micro EVO3 S2 "Micro".
  • Galil ACE - Pistol/rifle compatible. Measure to ensure fitment. 
  • IWI Tavor

What makes the 360 unique?

  • 3 baffles to protect your suppressor
  • No timing / shims not required
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal added length
  • Compatible with dozens of suppressors
  • Reduced Recoil


  • 1/2-28 Barrel Threads
  • 2.050" long (adds approx .85")
  • Sleeves barrel .98"
  • No rear wrench flats -- allows for installation on MP5/MP5K/ 3lug with 1/2x28 barrels
  • Can be installed with a 3/4" socket
  • 10mm Bore
  • KeyMount and KeyMicro Compatible
  • 17-4ph Stainless
  • Black Nitride