JMAC: 4C 1/2-28 Face KeyMount

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(4) ports


(1/2x28) thread pitch

(F)ace - sits on the face of the barrel

(KM) KeyMount


This WILL NOT work on a standard AKM, pistol, or SBR. Barrel must extend at least 1.32” from the gasblock

This is designed to be permanently attached to a 14.5 inch barrel and adapt to KeyMo compatilble suppressors! We recommend this muzzle device be professionally installed on our 14.5" barrel by one of our Kalashnismiths to ensure alignment.

  • 1/2-28 threads
  • 2.82" long
  • Only adds 1.5"
  • Sleeves the barrel 1.32"
  • 17-4ph Stainless
  • 3.6oz

Keymount & X-Series Suppressor Compatibility

This device is designed to be tightened against the face of the barrel. Your barrel MUST be faced to properly time this muzzle device.

***JMac Customs is NOT responsible for an improperly installed muzzle device. Kalashnismith install is highly recommended***

This is a licensed product through Dead Air Silencers.


JMac Customs recommends that all suppressor mounts be installed and checked for alignment by a certified professional. Serious damage could result to your suppressor/firearm and physical harm is possible if installed/used incorrectly. All suppressor mounts MUST be tight against the shoulder or face of the barrel, using shims or face-milling method. Contact us if you have any questions or need a recommendation for professional installation. JMac Customs LLC is not liable for injury, damage, or death related to the usage of this product.