5.56 Black Nitrided US Barrel *AKM Spec 23mm* by Green Mountain

$139.00 - $204.00
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5.56 with 1:7 Twist. They are Made from 4150 Chrome Moly steel and black nitrided inside and out, Gas Port is drilled at 90 degrees in the 45 degree location, size 0.076 (#48). The handguard retainer slots and extractor clearance cut is already in place.

These barrels are 23mm trunnion journal and AKM Spec, so they will take most of the standard AKM parts. A perfect match for the WBP 5.56 parts kits! Made By Green Mountain Rifle.

Thread and cutting options:

Barrels are threaded 1/2x28 from the factory, so this is the ONLY option for 16" barrels.
ONLY select threading options if choosing a cut barrel.

If you want a full 16" barrel with 1/2 x 28 threads, there is now no extra work needed and no additional charge!
Any additional gunsmithing service will add up to an additional +1 week lead time.

Choosing a short barrel cutting service and threads will require us to re-thread the barrel, so there is additional cost involved with a barrel ordered with these options.

Examples of common step fee requests: Using a Jmac or Definitive Arms Combo Gas Block, AK-74 parts, Chopped barrel but still want to use a separate gas block and front sight (AMD-style).

*AK-74 parts will need the front sight and gas block journals extended a bit, please use the Step Fee and request via notes if you need this done.
**We will not turn down the trunnion journal from 23mm to 22mm without receiving your trunnion to ensure proper press fitment.


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    This barrel will work with front site/ gas block combo

    Posted by Wayne Miller on Mar 16th 2022

    I originally assumed that I was going to have to get a 90deg gas block front site, because the WBP one is a 45 degree: it works out perfectly with the WBP 556 kit. Very nice barrel.

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    5.56x45mm barrel

    Posted by Niki S. on Nov 28th 2021

    Barrel is very well made and all journals are within spec of AKM barrel dimensions. I really like how the chamber side is chamfered to aid round chambering where I had issues with another brand barrel without this feature. Highly recommended.