AK-Builder Flat Bending Die Set 1.5mm

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The base of this die set is made from a solid piece of steel that starts off at 17lbs and is machined to 14.5lbs.  There is a radius at the entrance of the die which takes less pressure to make the bend.  In my testing I have bent several flats by just putting the ram in the middle of the punch and pressing the flat straight in without moving the ram down the length of the punch.

Once the flat is pressed in there are set screws in the lower die that will be used to remove the flat and punch assembly from the lower die.

When I tested bending the 1.5mm receiver flats with the new punch and old flat jig base the dimensions were too far off from end to end due to flex of the 3/8" material.  This new design will keep the dimensions much tighter since it's made from a solid piece of steel.

Due to the method of alignment to use this with a Tapco flat the front two alignment pins will need to be removed and their flat will have to be aligned manually.  If the holes for the trigger guard were not 1mm too far forward it would have worked.  This is the same on their 1mm and 1.5mm Yugo flats.  The other problem with using the Tapco flats is that the trigger hole on the left side will score the radius on the lower die.