AK Rear Sight Removal & Gas Tube Tool - By Circle 7 Armory

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New from Circle 7 Armory-- makers of our popular stainless steel retainer plates --comes a multi tool to help some of the more stubborn aspects of AK work!

This tool makes removal of a rear sight leaf a breeze. Just secure the tool underneath the gas tube latch using the hooked side, and press down on the sight leaf to pop it right out.

Additionally, the handle of this tool features a cutout that will fit onto the locking lugs of a gas tube, allowing you to use it as a wrench and more easily remove and replace stubborn upper handguards.

Made of durable stainless steel, these are sure to last and make your life easier if you happen to work on AK's.

Demonstration video:


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    Cursing shield of the highest order

    Posted by Dennis Math on Jun 16th 2023

    When removing/installing rear triggers on Aks in the past one would think I was speaking in tongues by the expletives coming from my mouth.......this tool makes the job easy. Much easier on the ears people within ear shot of the installer too!

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    This one

    Posted by David Yang on May 28th 2022

    This one is the one you want to get not that $25 one trust me don’t make the mistake I did

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    The one

    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2022

    This is the one you want to get to that $20 one trust me I made that mistake too.