WBP Underfolder/Pistol Rear Trunnion

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New Polish import rear stock trunnion by WBP Rogow Poland. These new stock trunnions are perfect replacements for Polish AKMS UF kits and many other 1.00mm Underfolder AK kits on the market! These are also a great option for AK pistol builds.

This design is based on the original Polish Military Underfolder trunnion, which is made up of a rear section and two side plates riveted together.

Features a black oxide finish.

The center circular cut is left undersized so this trunnion could be compatible with more Underfolder stock variants. You can easily open the hole up with a dremel tool, drill press, or mill, if necessary.


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    I have made a mistake. I was thinking this was the front trunion.nt nt Polish Truninion

    Posted by Loren Carpenter on Jan 6th 2023

    `Still waiting for delivery of the front trunnion

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    Good Pistol Trunnion

    Posted by Jacob K on Oct 19th 2021

    Used this on a Lynx build. Good for this purpose. Don't know on an underfolder. It's riveted together from 3 pieces. Only thing I would change is the long rivet hole is flat. I counter sank it a bit and dimpled for the rear long rivet swell neck. Would buy again for a pistol build. Has room to drill out a hole for bolt on rear rail if needed