CLEARENCE: Anodized Aluminum Muzzle Brake & Blast Shield Combo

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THESE DEVICES ARE MADE FROM ALUMINUM! We DO NOT recommend hard or serious use on rifle caliber firearms! ALL SALES FINAL

2 Piece muzzle device, threaded for 14-1LH
Aluminum CNC construction, black has a matte nitride coating while all other colors are anodized.

Brake has 3 ports and external threads for an included Blast Shield/Sound Forwarder. This allows the shooter to keep most of their brake effetiveness while directing all of the concussion, blast, and flash downrange instead of to the sides. This makes for a quieter shooting experience for both the shooter and anyone around them.

Brake does not have a detent notch, and threads tightly with ZERO wobble based on our testing. But adding a detent notch is recommended to have an easier time lining up the ports correctly, as well as loctite for the external blast shield.