CRC 5002/9033 Folding Telescopic Buttstock with Cheek Riser by "KPYK"

CRC 5002/9033
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If you are looking for the ultimate buttstock for your standard fixed stock trunnion AK, this is it.
Features include: folding, adjustable cheek riser, adjustable length, sling attachment points, magnetic or spring clip to keep in folded position, this stock does it all!

CRC 5002/9033 is a folding telescopic buttstock with a cheek elevator for AK rifles:

1 - Weight of only 391 grams. It's only 65 grams heavier than a standard plastic stock.

2 - Length - from 17.5 cm to 22 cm

3 - Maximum lift of the cheek-rest - 2 cm, overall it has 4 positions.

4 - Butt pad is adjustable in height +/- 3 cm.

5 - Has a regular mount for attaching the belt to the sling and to the QD.

6 - The construction uses aluminum and polyamide.

7 - 90% of parts are milled from solid aluminum bars.

Compatibility List:

WBP Jack
Riley Defense RAK
Other civil versions of AK, AKM, AK-47,  AK-74 with fixed buttstock rear trunnions

NOTE: Will NOT fit on WBP Fox or FB Beryl rifles without modification