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Enhanced Fire Control Group (FCG) for AK- and RPK-based rifles with stamped receivers. FIME's Enhanced FCG is a double stage trigger and includes a single-hook trigger, hammer, disconnector, disconnector springs.

FIME's Enhanced FCG delivers shortened trigger travel with an extremely smooth and light trigger pull. To assure there are no selector lever misfires, the disconnector's face makes full contact with the hammer. Further, the disconnector is engineered with an elongated tail, which makes a full stop on the rear trigger guard rivet, and the hammer stop prevents the hammer from slamming on the trigger. With these two designs functioning together, it eliminates the “trigger slap” found in competing products.

FIME Standard Fire Control Group
SKU: 7805
Length of travel: .3 in
Reset Travel: .15 in
Take up: 5 lbs
Trigger Break: 6 lbs
Weight: 2.96 oz
FIME Enhanced Fire Control Group
SKU: 7815
Length of travel: .35 in
Reset Travel: .15 in
Take up: 1.7 lbs
Trigger Break: 2.8 lbs
Weight: 2.88 oz


  • 5
    Best ak trigger so far

    Posted by Zach on Dec 5th 2021

    So far I love this trigger. In my Arsenal 107cr I’ve used the original trigger, alg trigger and battle arms ekg trigger(I think that’s what it’s called) and this fime enhanced trigger. I like the fime trigger the most. On the alg and battle arms triggers if I did really slow pulls(when zeroing or long distance shooting) I would periodically get a two shot burst. It was probably one out of every five or so shots. It sucked. So far with this trigger that hasn’t happened once. The first stage is really open and the wall is obvious when you reach it. The break is definite and predictable.

  • 5
    Enhanced Fire Control Group

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2021

    Love the trigger going to get a couple more reminds me of my Glock bring it down click nice and smooth

  • 5
    Pulls like no other!

    Posted by Big Guy on May 25th 2021

    A crisp, clean trigger break with virtually no creep with an even crisper reset! What's not to love?

    Couldn't decide between the milsurp hammer I got with the Headspaced Romanian Kit and this one, so I ultimately went with the FIME hammer just so I could mar its unblemished face with usage.

  • 5
    FIME Fire Control Group

    Posted by MICHAEL PISTORESI on May 11th 2021

    Very easy to install and very smooth action. I have used this on all my AK builds and have never been disappointed.

  • 5
    FIME Fire Control Group

    Posted by MICHAEL PISTORESI on Jan 18th 2021

    Excellent FCG with easy installation and very smooth trigger pull.