FB Radom Poland - AK 5.56 30rd Beryl Magazine

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These are brand new original Polish Military 30rd Beryl/Archer clear Green Translucent 5.56x45 NATO magazines. These are made by Poland's famous Military Small Arms Factory "Fabryka Broni" and they work with most 5.56 AK rifles (Russian, Bulgarian, Polish).

*For Magazine Capacity Restricted States: we can limit this mag to 10rds; please click here for our pinning service.

Arms of America is a FB Radom Arsenal Authorized distributor & guarantees these are factory direct and not a copy.

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    Great mag

    Posted by jacob bourgault on Jul 16th 2024

    Works great and has some additional texture compared to other AK poly mags! Great mags!

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    Love hate feelings.

    Posted by Brett Kelley on Jun 1st 2024

    It’s a proven military mag. On the other hand , I really don’t like the fact there are no metal feedlips, front or back metal locking lugs. Feels more of a disposable type mag. Even though that’s how the military looks are detachable magazines. Still seems like a good mag. Once more rounds are through it, I can give a more definitive answer

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    Radom 556 mag

    Posted by Chris on May 14th 2024

    Mag is light .green n awesome fits perfect..

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    FB 5.56 magazines - The perfect Beryl magazines

    Posted by John M on May 4th 2024

    After watching several FB Beryl 5.56 YouTube reviews, the consensus was these FB polymer magazines and WBP polymer magazines are the most reliable ones to use with the Beryl 5.56 rifle. I purchased a few of the FB magazines when I purchased the Beryl 5.56 rifle.

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    FB Radom Beryl 5.56X45 Magazines

    Posted by Don on Mar 14th 2024

    I purchased the FB Radom 5.56 Beryl Magazine in specific for two 5.56 AK Variants; A Chinese BWK92 Sporter which is the Sporter version of the Model 84; and a Saiga 5.56 Rifle converted to accept Bulgarian 5.56 waffle mags - and this 5.56 Magazine fits and works in both Rifles like made for both with no wobble and no play. Keeping in mind that there are variations in magazine acceptance no matter the caliber or make of an AK, however, these specific 5.56 Magazines will likely fit a wide range of 5.56 AK's, and are a super well made magazine. Highly Recommend.

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    Great mags

    Posted by Mikey on Feb 16th 2024

    Run well in the Mini Beryl.

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    556 mag

    Posted by Evan Davies on Feb 10th 2024

    One of the best 556 magazines you can buy on the market today highly recommended arms of America is one of the best companies to deal with

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    FB Radom Beryl 5.56X45 Magazines

    Posted by Donald on Jan 12th 2024

    An earlier comment was questioning if the FB Radom 5.56X45 Mags fit a Norinco 5.56 likely in its various models - and based on my own experience, they do fit and function in a Norinco BWK Sporter. They also fit and function in a few other 5.56 AK Variants and are excellent Magazines and a much cheaper alternative to the steel Mags for these Norinco 5.56 AK Variants, which are thru the roof in cost at present.

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    Beryl 5.56 Magazine

    Posted by James on Jul 13th 2023

    Love the quality, never had a failure. And I have 11 of these things! I just wish they had metal reinforcements.

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    556 magazine

    Posted by Evan Davies on Jul 6th 2023


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    5.56 mags

    Posted by Vincent Whitehead on Jun 30th 2023

    I would highly recommend these magazines. I have only used them in the Beryl rifle I purchased them for. So, I can’t speak for using them in another 5.56 AK based rifle.

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    It fits a Norinco 84s-1

    Posted by Warren on May 13th 2023

    My hope is this mag will work with my rare norinco. I read that it does function properly in this gun but I've yet fired it. For the price it's worth the gamble.