JMAC: MMS- 8" AK Handguard w/ Sling Loop Cut- GREEN

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JMAC Customs MMS (Modular Mounting System) Handguard - 8" GREEN ANODIZE

Introducing the NEW M-Lok Handguard from JMAC Customs. This handguard is part of a modular system that will allow you to personalize your firearm to fit your needs, whether that be professional, competitive, or recreational. Choose between several lower handguard lengths, as well as upper options to include optic mounts, railed dust covers and monolithic railed dust covers (coming soon). From the range to the field the M-Lok Handguard from JMAC Customs has you covered. 

The M-Lok Handguard from JMAC Customs was painstakingly designed to retain the highest level of accuracy by creating a mounting block that clamps to your barrel near the receiver. There are no additional points of contact from the mounting block to the end of your muzzle. This allows your barrel to move freely causing no negative effects to your barrel harmonics. The lower half of the mounting block is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, the upper half is machined from a 4041 QPQ steel alloy. The use of a steel alloy in the upper half of the mounting block allows for a rock solid foundation for the system which will maintain your zero and stand up to abuse for thousands upon thousands of rounds. 

The unique design of the mounting block allows the M-Lok Handguard to be installed on most kalashnikov pattern firearms, regardless of the receiver type. Available in several lengths, with and without the lower handguard retainer cutout. The M-Lok Handguard does not require the JMAC Customs railed gas tube for installation. Can be installed in conjunction with a standard AKM upper handguard.

Product Highlight

  • Easy to measure length! Simply measure from the receiver towards the muzzle to know how the lower hand guard fits
  • 4 Piece Design with 4140 steel threaded upper clamp
  • 5 2/3 M-Lok slots on bottom of hand guard
  • 1913 gas tube extends over gas block
  • Free Float design, clamps on barrel, doesn't interface with receiver
  • Lower and upper mount remain installed and gas tube can be removed/cleaned and replaced without losing zero
  • 1.3" Inside Diameter
  • Extends 8" from receiver
  • Compatible with stamped and milled receivers

Materials and Finishes

  • Lower Mount - 7075 Black Hard Coat Anodized
  • Upper Mount - 4041 QPQ Black Nitride
  • Hand guard Extrusion - 6061 Black Hard Coat Anodized
  • Gas Tube - 7075 Black Hard Coat Anodized

For more information on what you need to install the JMAC MMS as well as how to confirm fitment and compatibility, see our blog post HERE!