KBK Wz. 1960 Barrel - AK Builder / Chrome Lined / Threaded Style

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AK Builder chrome lined barrels, threaded type, for the KBK Wz.1960 kits we have recently offered (SKU 1960 & 1135)

Polish KBK Chrome Lined Barrel 16.330" reference length.  Trunnion threads are 26mm-1.5 right hand with a 14-1lh threaded muzzle.

The Russians marked the original barrels 1-5 depending on the headspace.  This distance was measured from the back of the headspace gage to the barrel shoulder that seats against the trunnion.  All of our barrels have been turned as #1's which is the shortest allowable distance.  This will give the builder plenty of room should they need to adjust the depth by facing off material from the shoulder to thread deeper into the trunnion.  The barrels DO NOT have the handguard retainer cuts nor the extractor clearance cuts.  These will need to be done after setting the headspace.

Like the original Polish KBK barrels, our barrels have the distinct chamfer at the muzzle threads.  We also made the remainder of the barrel contours the same as the original Polish KBK barrels.  This includes each journal location and the large radius that leads up to the surface that makes contact with the trunnion face.

These are made from 4150 steel. 

Stamped USA 7.62

*Please see SKU 3500 for Green Mountain / Chrome Lined / Press & Pin style


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    Seems to be a nice barrel

    Posted by Greg Thacker on May 9th 2023

    Got the barrel from AoA in pretty short order. The muzzle thread protector from my as-yet unbuilt KBK wz. 1960 kit seems to fit the threads on the barrel correctly. Barrel is enroute to be built as I type, so only giving 4 stars at this point. When it comes back from the builder, will adjust rating if possible.

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    Super cool barrel

    Posted by Fonz on May 9th 2023

    Barrel is done correctly looks pretty nice I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic barrel for my kit. Thank you AK builder and arms of America for making a Correct barrel for the 1960’s kits.