KNS Compact AR/MCX Stock Adapter

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If you are looking for a brace or stock adapter for our WBP Milled Mini Jack offerings, this is the best one we have found! Very easy to get correctly timed, and makes for a high quality 1913 rail adapter. Once you screw it in, you can adjust the bolt that holds the rail to the threaded puck in order to time this rail to the correct vertical position. Makes a great adapter for those wanting to use a CNC Warrior brace or JMAC Arm Bar!

All the advantages and versatility of the KNS AR/MCX Adapters without the added rail length that locks into the rear AR15 receiver stock plate pocket.

The Compact AR/MCX Stock Adapter allows the user to mount a picatinny-style stock attachment (such as the SIG MPX folding stock or SB Tactical FS1913 brace) in place of an AR15 style buffer tube. Many firearms utilize the buffer tube attachment of the AR15 in order to mount common stocks & braces, but do not mechanically require the tube for an in-line buffer spring. For these weapons, this product offers a modular alternative for attaching stocks or other accessories.

The kit is composed of two parts and an attaching bolt. The externally-threaded adapter plug fits into the threaded buffer socket or ring. The adapter rail section firs into the slot in the adapter plug and the two are secured to each other and the firearm by a hex-socket bolt and lock washer.

This product will not work with a standard AR 15 lower and the MCX upper and is intended only for applications where the carrier and buffer tube do not protrude past the receiver ring.

*NOTE: Standard configuration AR15 style rifles will not function using this product.

***Lower Receiver not included. No 10/22 Charger either. Sorry, folks.***

Patent No. #10,598,450