JMAC: LAF 24-1.5

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 (L)oud (A)nd (F)lashy (24)mmRH threads  

The LAF (Loud And Flashy) is a LARGE single chamber muzzle brake designed to enhance sound and flash,  while reducing recoil and  muzzle rise!

• 24-1.5RH threads

• 1.7" wide 1.5" tall 

• Only adds a little over 1"

• 17-4ph stainless 

• QPQ Black Nitrided

*Will not align perfectly on PSA front sight gas block combos. This does not have a negative effect on function. 




  • Arsenal 104/106/107 F/FR/CR/UR, SAM7SF
  • Bulgarian, Russian AK-103, AK-74M, AK-100, AK-74 and AKS-74
  • Bulgarian and Russian AKS-74U, AKMSU
  • Bulgarian AK-102/104/105 clones
  • Custom builds with 24mm threaded front sight blocks
  • Will thread on Russian AK-102/104/105 clones but WILL NOT detent properly (does not effect function)
  • Will thread on PSA firearms with FSGB combo but WILL NOT detent properly (does not effect function)