WBP- 5.56/223 - Poly AK Mag - 30rds

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These newly designed WBP Polish synthetic 5.56/223 30rd magazines are a great option for a light weight reliable mag. Throw them from extreme heights or run them over repetitively with a 2 1/2 ton Deuce on concrete and they are still in the fight. Using an advanced polycarbonate blend along with a high strength heat treated steel spring these are a great bargain!

*NOTE: Color may vary between smoke and green. Cannot fulfill color requests, as it depends on what we get from WBP.

Now availible from the WBP factory in 30, 20, or 10 round options!

(Listing is for 1 mag)

*For Magazine Capacity Restricted States: we can limit this mag to 10rds; please click here for our pinning service.


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    Great Magazines.

    Posted by Cory on Sep 21st 2022

    Some of the best 5.56 AK magazines on the market. Fits Arsenal, WBP, FB Radom, Zastava and Romanian SAR-3. Quality product and AOA customer service is top notch.

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    5.56 magazine

    Posted by Michael Brown on Aug 30th 2022

    It is built very well and very solid and fits very tight in Zastava m90 .. my only complaint is it does not have any steel reinforcement around the top of the mag or in the locking lugs

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    WBP 30 round 5.56 AK magazine

    Posted by Michael Brown on Aug 24th 2022

    It seems to be very well made but it fits very tightly and I have to do some fitting to give it to actually work in my m90 zpap it's a solid polymer with no metal in the lockinglug, but they do work very well I've not had a hang up or jam but they fit extremely tight

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    WBP 556 magazines

    Posted by Jerry P on Aug 17th 2022

    They do what there supposed to do. Wish they had metal lugs but for the price I'm ok with them. I've yet to have one break,they run fine in both Arsenal rifles and the wbp jack

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    WBP Polish 556 Mags

    Posted by KPM on Aug 15th 2022

    Bought for my Zpap85 556 and they work fine. Had to work it in and out a few times before it snapped in. After that it’s been flawless

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    556AK Mags

    Posted by Matt on Jul 12th 2022

    Great mag for the price , feels great in your hands. Only down side is i live in WA and cant buy more.

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    AK 556 magazines

    Posted by Kevin Segna on Jan 26th 2022

    Magazines have no problem inserting removing from my m90 at first was difficult due to extra polymer but two three times of the magwell and problem went away function flawlessly

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    WBP poly 556 ak magazine

    Posted by Scott on Jan 21st 2022

    I got 7 of these and loaded them all. On the last one the follower spring kept hanging up after about 15 rounds. Unloaded and reloaded several times and if finally freed up. They all fit and lock into my pap85. They seem a bit flimsy but for the price can’t be beat.

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    WBP 30rd 5.56 ak mag

    Posted by Jason on Jan 12th 2022

    This is made for the beryl probably, but after some fitting I got it to fit my Zastava m90. It fits very well now