Romanian Md63 Bayonet

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Romanian issued Model 63 Bayonets. Some may come with rubber frogs in various conditions, but many will be missing or damaged due to age and wear breaking them down, especially on our Rusty grade of bayonet. We also cannot garuntee that these will have a hanger or strap.

  • Rusty/BFPU - BFPU grade bayonets that may have rusty, dinged, crumpled, bent, or rusty scabbards. Blades often may have gouges or other signs of extensive military use. These do not include the hanger or strap as well and we can not guarantee any of the serial #'s will match.
  • Fair-Good - These range from fair to good condition. These will show wear from being issued. These do not include the hanger or strap as well and we can not guarantee any of the serial #'s will match.

  • Very Good - These are Very Good condition bayonets that we recieved along with our CAT II kits. Most of them have matching numbers, hand select is availible.

  • Listing is for 1 bayonet!


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    Romanian bayoo

    Posted by David Hildesheim on Apr 11th 2023

    The description said rusty but it's actually in excellent condition, very happy.

  • 3

    Posted by Jesse on Nov 4th 2022

    I can tell they’re getting to the bottom of the barrel. You don’t get much but you also don’t pay much either. Took nearly three weeks to get. No rubber, wasn’t too rusty but I wasn’t able to use it with the leather I had due to no rubber isolator. I ordered one from another website and had it in 3 or 4 days, came with the rubber and looked great for about the same price. If you need parts for one this would be ok I guess.

  • 3

    Posted by Earl Carter on Oct 16th 2022

    Pretty good shape, one was missing a strap, but overall good

  • 5

    Posted by Matthew on Oct 15th 2022

    Looked good. Was not new like however overall good blade for the price. I noted I was going to change the handle grips and I had a spare scabbard so they sent me one with no handle grips which saved me some time and the tang looked good. The scabbard had some slight wear and denting but if that was one of the worst they are all pretty good scabbard. I already replaced the handle grips and the new ones dropped on with no problem so overall no issues.

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    Battlefield pick up

    Posted by Bill on Oct 14th 2022

    Are what they are nothing great some with dents in sheaths some with rust all the blades look good I’ll have to clean an see if they get any better

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    Just as described

    Posted by T. Mess on Oct 8th 2022

    Great price great shape

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    Great item to stock up on in current day

    Posted by Steven on Oct 8th 2022

    Even the bfpu bayonets are widely serviceable condition I've bought here. Bought 2 orders of these. I love how there is writing on the insulators sometimes or trench art in the sheaths. For first time I selected one of the nicer condition and it even includes a wrist strap on it and matching numbers.

    Great deal overall. Makes great gift for friends and family.

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    nothing fantastic, numbers don't match,good condition for the price

    Posted by Bear on Oct 5th 2022

    All and all,a good bayonett

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    used Romanian Md63 Bayonets

    Posted by Neil H on Oct 5th 2022

    They are exactly as decribed. They are in about 6 out of 10 condition overall. They clean up nice with some WD-40, 0000 steel wool and some elbow grease. No regrets on my purchase!