RPG-2 Rocket Carrying Pack **CLEARANCE: $19.99**

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Out of Stock
We can no longer guarantee one or both slings to be present in these packs, but have slashed the price to make room for new inbound inventory.

The RPG-2 pack is an RPG-2 ammunition carrier made of canvas, leather, and vinyl. The pack holds three PG-2 HEAT rounds, cleaning rod, and three boosters (pictured for demonstration purposes, not included).

This pack comes with a basic leather & canvas sling, and a sling /w leather endcaps. Pack condition is used and dirty from storage ans transportation, but in good working order. Photos are representative of average condition. Leather tabs are still soft. Slings appear to be unused. May have ink stamps and/or discoloration.

The Soviet RPG-2 was introduced in 1954, considering this it is likely that the RPG-2 Backpack was also introduced in the 1950s. Soviet military practice called for a grenadier carrying an RPG-2 backpack and launcher as well as an assistant with an additional RPG-2 backpack for a total of Six rounds.

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