Russian AK47 Bayonet & Scabbard Izhevsk

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$99.00 - $149.00

Russian manufactured, Izhevsk Bakelite 6X4 Bayonet and scabbard. These beautiful Bakelite bayonets are a great item to add to any Kalashnikov Collection and ship complete with hanger and hand strap. Most exciting of all is that we have seen many with matching scabbards. However we do not guarantee the scabbard numbers to match. No special requests. Extremely limited quantities available. Very good condition.

*Good condition and up, remaining selection may have rust spots on metal. Scabbards are generally in better condition than handles. Choose Hand Select option for higher quality.

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    Russian Izzy Bayonet - GORGEOUS

    Posted by Ryan on Apr 4th 2024

    I bought this bayonet expecting it to be a regular run-of-the-mill type 2. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and it was actually Izzy type 1 transitional with a bakelite scabbard. Everything about this bayonet is in excellent, almost NOS, condition and is matching. Strong OTK stamps are present on the scabbard and the mold number is very low. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thanks AoA!

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    Izmash Bayonet

    Posted by Paul on May 8th 2021

    I ordered one of these with the hand select option and wasn't expecting much. When I got it, I was blown away by the one I was given. It was in great condition with matching numbers on the scabbard and bayonet. No rust, no dings, the "bakelite" was shiny with little to no scratches. I am more than happy with my purchase.

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    Posted by Spencer M on May 1st 2021

    The bayonet that I received was in bad shape, it looked like someone used a grinder on the blade and the locking lug was stuck. The case and the handle were nice, I contacted customer service and they were very helpful and corrected the issue quickly.

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    Good condition

    Posted by Carlos Cuevas on Apr 14th 2021

    The bayonet was exactly as good condition, but more toward very good condition. These are still a remarkable bargain. I have bought three different types so far.

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    Izzy Bayonet surprised me

    Posted by RGS on Apr 8th 2021

    I chose hand select, it came to me in beautiful condition just like the picture with no signs of wear. Really surprised and happy, it doesn't happen often with surplus. I know not every bayonet will be like that, but I got lucky and it was worth it

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    Russian bayonet.

    Posted by David ski on Mar 6th 2021

    Was a nice bayonet. Wish it was a little sharper, but I’m working on that. Make my rifle look cool and puts a nice finishing touch to the rifle and to my collection.

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    Izhevsk bayonet

    Posted by Bryan Kramer on Mar 5th 2021

    Don't know how it can have matching numbers being from two different plants. How do I know? The scabbard has a triangle with a arrow Izhevsk mark. The bayonet beside the muzzle attachment has a star. This is Tula mark.

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    Izzy drip

    Posted by Shane on Mar 2nd 2021

    Really good condition, cleaned up great with some mineral oil and looks awesome!

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    Posted by Carlos Cuevas on Feb 25th 2021

    Very quick shipping and a reasonable price. Overall, I'd say the condition was "good". I was just a bit disappointed that the grip had such a dull finish and the scabbard had been ground quite a bit to remove the previous serial number. What bothered me most though was the leather retainer strap was broken. I'd rather repair it though because the hanger is the rarer canvas vs leather.

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    Russian AK47 Bayonet and Scabbard Izhevsk

    Posted by Donald Eades on Feb 24th 2021

    I would have given it 5 stars, but when I ordered it , it was listed as NRA "Excellent". but after my order it now says "Very Good" . not sure what the change was about, but I will say it is not "Excellent" condition do to the rough shape of the scabbard and handle material.

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    Excellent True Russian

    Posted by keaton head on Feb 21st 2021

    Nyet! Look no further. This is a true Russian Bayonet. Great Soviet quality.

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    Izzy Bayonet

    Posted by William on Feb 5th 2021

    Perfect condition bayonet.
    10/10 and I got a matching scabbard.
    Nice bakelite and fit on my Arsenal SLR107.