VZ61 Skorpion Parts Kit w/ free accessories for a limited time

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These are original military surplus firearms in excellent to unissued condition. Many of these feature 100% of the original finish. These kits include the 10rd magazine and accessories, which is over a $50 value for a limited time, as long as we are advertizing this you will receive it. Add additional 20rd magazines for $19.95 ea (these are $30+ at competitors) or 2-20rd magazines and a mag pouch for only $29.95 extra (over $75 value).

These kits are complete minus the barrel and the receiver, which was torch cut. To build these back into pistols, 922r is not necessary, but if building this as a rifle please see 922r rules.

Skorpion vz. 61 or the Sa vz. 61 or Sa vz. The Czechoslovak machine gun Skorpion was developed by Miroslav Rybar (1924-1970). It was produced by the Ceska zbrojovka arm factory in Uhersky Brod under the official name Samopal vzor 61 from 1963 to 1979.
The weapon was originally designed for security forces but was also used by the Czechoslovak Army to serve as a personal sidearm for vehicle drivers, lower-ranking army personnel, special forces and vehicle drivers. The weapon is currently used as a sidearm by the armed forces in several countries.

Caliber 7.65/32acp

Kit includes

VZ61 complete minus barrel (receiver is demilled)

10rd Magazine

Military Leather Holster

Cleaning kit pouch with accessories


Add additional 20rd magazines for $19.95 ea (these are $30+ at competitors) or 2-20rd magazines and a mag pouch for only $29.95 extra (over $75 value).

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    Great - could be packed better

    Posted by Logan Lamborn on Feb 6th 2024

    The wooden grip at zero protection from the other, much heavier, parts. Two gouges were seen on the left side of my wooden handgrip, wish it was shipped better protected.

    Everything else is great

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    Great Kit!

    Posted by J. Jennings on Jun 3rd 2023

    Beautiful kit that was cut properly without losing the ability to re use the parts. Kit was also very suitable for post dealer sample (with proper paperwork). The only thing that could make this kit better would be a barrel.
    Buy with confidence!

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    VZ61 Kit

    Posted by Cutler on May 30th 2023

    Sample size of two. Both kits were in extremely good condition, the older of the two displayed finish wear from handling, mostly internal finish wear from the bolt. Both appeared unissued. The only component that appeared even lightly used was a magazine pouch with a name penciled on the back. The older of the two guns showed a 1966 date on the stub. The serial of the upper was a lower number, so older but I am not sure how much older. These kits are unfortunately non matching. The other kit was a later 1976 year stub with a higher upper serial number and displayed a painted finish rather than blued on both the upper and the serialized stub. It was also in excellent condition. The stubs in both kits appear to be from several different receivers. To the best of my knowledge, all small parts were present but from different guns also. Between the two kits I had enough variation to make an aesthetically correct "early" and "late" gun. The wood grips in both kits were perfect and imo above average in apearance. The metal oil bottle was removed from the cleaning kit and sealed in a separate bag in both instances. This was good because elevation change caused leaking of oil. Cleaning kits were in good condition, one brush apeared to have been used before. The four 20rnd mags and two 10rnd mags I received all had the crossed swords stamp in various stages of wear from a brand new stamp with incredibly fine details given the size, to just a crossed swords silhouette as the stamp wore down. One 20rnd mag had a small area of rust that didn't appear to affect function but was fairly crusty and the worst thing I found between both kits and I'm being kinda nit picky. All mags appeared unused. Both kits were packaged in a light oil with a surprisingly pleasant smell. Much prefered over the old packing grease used in other kits. Note that these kits were completely disassembled less the stock assembly, sights, rate reducer sliding assembly, and trigger/disconnect assembly. Every other pin, spring, keeper, etc was loose apart from a few of the smaller parts. Both kits, both holsters, both mag pouches, and all the individual magazines came well packed and seperated from eachother by heavy plastic or heavy packing paper.

    The bolts of both kits were laser marked at some point in the area visible through the ejection port. Presumably these guns previous owners considered the pressure bearing parts to be the firearms. Speculating, but that may have been an export thing or maybe just them making a storage database at some point in the past.

    In my opinion, the only thing that could make these better would be matching numbers and packing all the springs seperate so they dont get tangled with other parts. I give the two I got 10/10. Excellent value, and a way cool look into some old school gun machining and manufacturing techniques, as well as a great historical firearm.

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    Very Nice!

    Posted by BB on May 12th 2023

    These are unissued guns from the 70’s. These ARE NOT numbers matching kits. The stock, lower and upper are all different serial numbers on all the kits I’ve bought. The bolt and recoil spring assembly are demilled also(not sure why as this is NOT required by ATF. One of my kits has the following discrepancies: 2 firing pins, missing the “striker” and 2 of the same springs which left me one spring short. Not having a barrel is not the end of the world but ultimately makes the overall build cost more. You can thank George W for no more barrels (ATF did this on his watch). And yes, the slag on the trigger guard is a little disappointing. This was totally avoidable.

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    Vz 61

    Posted by HB on Apr 28th 2023

    Very cool

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    Posted by Earl Carter on Apr 28th 2023

    Nice kit, looks fairly new, second one I bought,good price

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    Posted by Earl Carter on Apr 28th 2023

    Nice kit, look's fairly new

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    Skorpion kit

    Posted by Nate p on Apr 27th 2023

    This kit came to me in very good shape, there’s only 3 things I particularly didn’t care for but I knew about one of them before purchasing. If those 3 things were different it would be 5 stars. 1.) no barrel comes with the kit. (This is what I already knew however) barrels are pretty hard to find and when you do they’re not under $150. The average seems to be $225-250 for a barrel unless you get lucky from ck point and snag one for $150.
    2.) comes with cut reciever, I did not intend to weld the reciever, rather 3D print the czar from the gatalog.com but if I did want to weld it the cuts are absolutely horrendous to try and reweld, especially if you do not know how to weld. Especially in the fire control group area where there needs to be correct set distances inside to make sure everything works properly, on of the cuts cut right through the safety selector hole, completely blowing it out.
    3.) my biggest grip probably was that the trigger guard is still connected to the cut receiver (not a problem, only a river that can be drilled out) but it was completely covered in slag almost to the point where I’m not sure if it’s reusable. Which goes back to the point that the torch cut reciever , the person cutting them could have been a bit more careful. Other than that the kit was beautiful.
    An honorable mention that the bolt is not pit tofu which is fine but I’ve scoured the internet to try to find an assembly video but it seems impossible, “gun builder” game is the only way I could find a somewhat accurate way to assemble it (videos on YouTube of gun builder) other than that it’s great all the parts are beautiful and the reciever has a beautiful blue/grey color. 8/10

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    VZ61 Skorpion Parts Kit

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2023

    The demilled parts kit, spare mags and leather goods I received were all in New Old Stock condition. I do not believe the pistol had been fired or issued, it was in that good of condition. The demil was accomplished as cleanly as a torch-cut could be. Definitely NOT a hack and slash! Thanks A of A!

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    Scorpion parts mit

    Posted by Michael J. Hessock on Apr 27th 2023

    Only reason for not giving all five stars is the lower doesn’t match the upper. Everything else is like new, holster, extra mags, mag pouch and cleaning kit. Upper is like new never issued. Would purchase again. 35 year collector and builder of historic weapons.

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    Vz61 kit

    Posted by Nicholas on Apr 27th 2023

    The price was right and the kit was even better, the parts look so good you’d think you could just assemble it and show it off. The extra accessories were an added bonus and I am very happy with my purchase. 2 of my builder buddies are now set on buying these for their next build.

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    I'm totally impressed with the quality of the product and the shape that it came in .

    Posted by Christopher Cooper on Apr 27th 2023

    This product as with all the items that I have ordered from AoA in the past. Have been top quality and I will continue to order from this company.