WBP *5.45* Core Parts Bundle

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This bundle includes only the unique parts specific to the WBP 5.45 build kits:

SKU:1550 Bolt
SKU:1555 Bolt Carrier
SKU:1545 23mm Trunnion
SKU:1560 Rear Sight Block

If a barrel is needed, we offer one made for the WBP 5.45 kits here
If you are planning to use a gas block combo, AIMS-74 barrels will also work if the handguard retainer notch is moved.

-This bolt has a thicker stem compared to standard 74 thin stem bolts. However it is thinner than a standard 47 AKM bolt, making it a "medium" thickness.

-We recommend using this WBP 5.45 bolt carrier for correct compatibility. A standard 74 carrier will be too small, and 47 carrier too large.

-We recommend using this WBP 5.45 trunnion for ease of building. Others may work but we cannot guarantee part compatibility with different trunnions.

-While we do list these spare parts separate from kits, if this bundle is out of stock then one or more of the allotted spare parts may be sold out. Our full 5.45 kits can be found here

-These parts are meant to be built in any 74 style 5.56/5.45 receiver

* Anytime you install a new bolt into a firearm it is always a good idea to check headspace before operating or allow a qualified gunsmith to check it. It is possible this bolt will require minor fitting to one of the lugs before it will lock into battery depending on the rifle. When these rifles are built the bolt lug is typically hand fitted to each rifle at the factory and WBP has removed a small amount from the necessary bolt lug so it will work with most rifles without adjustment. But it is still possible you will need to do some additional fitment


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    WBP 5.45 core kit

    Posted by Bruce Brouk on May 8th 2023

    Latest build using the 5.45 core kit along with a Morrissey receiver and the 5.45 barrel supplied by AoA went smooth as could be!! Parts fit nicely, headspacing was a breeze and even drilling the Virgin trunnion was effortless. The rifle looks amazing and with a few adjustments here and there was able to get rifle to run like a sewing machine!!

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    5.45x39 core parts

    Posted by Andrew Eads on Oct 7th 2022

    Everything looked good when I got them.

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    5.45 kit review

    Posted by Joehay on May 18th 2022

    Excellent price and fast shipping as well! The kit has been very well made, with clean and sharp lines throughout. The WBP logo on the Sight block is a nice addition as well. I plan to make a more modern 5.45 style rifle with this kit. Thanks again!