WBP AKM47 "Gen 2" Enhanced Safety Selector Lever *Semi Auto*

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This all new WBP Polish Import Gen 2 enhanced tactical safety selector lever is a great upgrade for all AK owners that would prefer a safety lever that is much easier to manipulate whether it be under stressful conditions, tactical drills, or wearing gloves. This safety provides the operator with a much larger surface area to manipulate making it easier to operate the safety while the shooters hand remains on the pistol grip.

This Polish enhanced safety selector by WBP which is designed for Military and Law Enforcement use is built for the US Civilian market in semi auto only

This fits most standard profile AKM rifles such as all Romanian, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, East German, and more!


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    Posted by Mark on May 14th 2022

    Went right into my stamped mini jack without issue. Buttery smooth and looks great! Never noticed how much i like the shelf of the safety until i don't have one.

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    Very nice upgrade

    Posted by Tommy on Mar 26th 2022

    If you dont have an enhanced safety, you should get one. This worked perfectly with my Fox rifle. Nice finish on there. Love it

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    Works perfectly

    Posted by Ronald Shuford on Mar 22nd 2022

    Works perfectly

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    Great safety, but required tons of re-filing to fit my WBP Fox

    Posted by Gavin on Nov 6th 2021

    Took me 45mins-1hr of sanding, polishing and filing every fitting surface to get it to fit my WBP, especially the right side circle portion that enters the reciever. Its probably the most ive ever had to modify on an AKM part. Although ive noticed any parts ive put on my WBP needed much more work than what others report on non WBP AKMs. I had this same issues with a WBP OEM gastube, they must make everything way oversized, or perhaps they are not really for the Fox rifles.

    Fits great now, and is an awesome safety. I like it much more than the Krebs because the safety know is much bigger and it feels very smooth.

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    WBP Safety selector SEMI

    Posted by Edward on May 21st 2021

    Great Product. Fit a SGL-21 AKM 103 (AK 47) perfect. Some adjustment will be needed if you want to adjust the tension (As with all AK's). Quality Product. Great for right handed shooter - index finger manipulation. If I had to give this a down side would be that the safety selector is not dark black as in the photo - but has more of a dull grey finish (looks like phosphate). I will be painting mine black at some point.