WBP Lynx 7.62x39 Pistol Kit - **Headspaced**

**All Headspaced Kits have a lead time in accordance with our Shipping page & banner**
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100% New Polish production WBP Lynx Pistol parts kit with upgraded FORGED barrel trunnion and fully milled bolt & carrier. This parts kit is perfect for a pistol or SBR build and we can swap out the underfolder trunnion for a fixed stock trunnion at no extra charge, just choose what works best for you.
*Now also offering a 1913 Picatinny Rail Trunnion for a wide range of stock and brace options, with a special discount price when chosen for this kit!

This kit comes with upgrades such as:
✔️Enhanced safety selector lever
✔️Enhanced trigger guard/mag catch
✔️10.25" Barrel threaded to 14-1LH -- Choice of Mossberg US Nitride, or FB Radom Chrome Lined

Along with your choice of furniture:


✔️Polish Wood Handguard Set
✔️Lynx length gas tube
✔️Polish Used Surplus Bakelite Grip (limited quanitities)

✔️Railed gas tube
✔️WBP Polymer Lower Handguard with Heat Sheild
✔️FB Radom Pistol Grip

While in the past we received bolt carriers with pre-installed pistol length pistons, we are now receiving standard rifle bolt carriers along with pistol length pistons that will need to be installed. We can install this piston into the bolt carrier for you, or send it as part of the kit. This kit includes everything you will need for the build minus receiver, trigger components, and rivets! And we always suggest a Circle 7 retainer plate to secure the axis pins after installing the trigger system.

This kit was designed with a special aluminum gas tube that is machined as a one piece picatinny rail system providing users an actual sturdy platform to mount optics. Its not simply a removable upper handguard that can move and throw off the zero. 

This pistol kit will have scratches and chips from when it was assembled and populated. The parts come to us from Poland with a finish on them and the Gunsmiths do their best to prevent scratches and chips but you will still see markings from assembly. Most builders refinish the build once it is fully built since more markings are bound do happen during the riveting process.

*All of our Lynx pistol barrels are prepared in-house as we start with 16 inch barrels, then cut to size, turn down a step for the combo gas block, thread, and re-crown the barrel.

Your kit is 100% head-spaced correct out of the box. We perform a series of checks across several team members prior to every order going out.
If you have concerns, you must check headspace before changing anything about the headspaced assembly. If you have questions, please take pictures, and/or video, and reach out to us.
Once the barrel is removed, or any alteration has been made to the populated barrel, at that point the customer or builder becomes responsible for a proper build.
AOA cannot take responsibility for a headspaced assembly once alterations have been made to our gunsmith's work.
Removing the barrel and reinstalling it may result in head-space loosening or tightening of your pre-head spaced kit.
Recheck head-space after you are done riveting your trunnion into your receiver and reinstall the barrel, and ensure it is good before pressing the barrel pin.
Once all built, please clean your firearm before firing to make sure your new firearm is clear of assembly or shipping debris,
Thank you again.


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    extremely well headspaced and excellent parts, everything goes together well

    Posted by Felix Caro on Dec 23rd 2021

    excellent Item

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    Great product

    Posted by Jordan on Dec 22nd 2021

    Highly recommend them amazing customer service.

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    Excellent Kit

    Posted by Jacob K on Oct 19th 2021

    Went together great with a 80% from AOA. Best parts kit I've worked with. Super smooth and crisp action after assembly. Really impressed with the classic furniture.