7.62x39 - WBP Poly AK47 30rd Mag

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These newly designed WBP Polish synthetic 7.62x39 30rd magazines are a great option for a light weight reliable mag. Throw them from extreme heights or run them over repetitively with a 2 1/2 ton Deuce on concrete and they are still in the fight. Using an advanced polycarbonate blend along with a high strength heat treated steel spring these are a great bargain!

NOTE: Color may vary between smoke and green. Cannot fulfill color requests, as it depends on what we get from WBP.

(Listing is for 1 mag)


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    Posted by Jon Crews on Mar 19th 2021

    All polymer. Locks up tight. Haven’t tested them yet but they fit great in several different rifles. No wobble. I’ve read reviews in forums that these will last years And years without issue. Don’t hesitate on the fact the lock up isn’t metal. These are tested in military scenarios and withstand being run over by a Mac truck. The tab won’t break and the teeth won’t chip.

    All 3 of mine were smoke colored.

    What’re you waiting for??!!! Buy one today!!!!

    AoA has the best customer service around. These guys should be your first stop.

    Thank you AoA!

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    30 rd magazine

    Posted by Bruce E Mcelyea on Mar 18th 2021

    Good deal, fit and function well.

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    WBP Polish mags

    Posted by Jordan Speight on Mar 4th 2021

    Great mags. Good price compared to other poly mags I've seen, and they look awesome! They say some look green and some look grey. Mine came out looking more grey. So maybe in the future when I get more I can get some that look green. But I'm definitely going to order more. I only wish that the company would come out with a version with metal feeder lips and locking lugs. I would definitely buy those in a heartbeat. But despite not having metal on these, they're really tough and great for just shooting practice.

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    WBP translucent AKM mags

    Posted by Tim Hruby on Feb 1st 2021

    Excellent poly magazine , for the money you can't beat them fit perfectly in my recreator blanks receiver and with my aoa PM 63 parts kit

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    Most excellent mags!

    Posted by GT on Dec 18th 2020

    The three mags I ordered all worked perfectly in my recently acquired WBP Fox AK47. Mags were easy to load, I encountered zero feeding issues, and the translucent smoke color was a nice effect. The mag springs are pretty strong though, so use caution when sliding the baseplate off for cleaning/inspection. If you do it wrong, you'll shoot yer eye out. :)

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    New "smoked" WBP magazines

    Posted by Dennis Gatta on Dec 13th 2020

    I have had five of the O.G. magazines for about the last 2 and a half years with my only gripe been the coating of the floor plates didn't hold up to well in this down south humidity... But besides that I thought they were hard to beat ... With that said, these new "smoked" WBP magazines punch well above there price point, I tried them in a VEPR FM-AK47-21, a SAM7SF, and a Galil Ace, you can feel how much more stiff and sturdy they are from the O.G.'s the lock up is just as butterery smooth as the originals but the fit of the new smoked WBP magazines has no play... One had just the slightest of play in the VEPR, but fit in the SAM7 and the Galil with absolutely no play at all...

    Great mags and I will definitely keep buying them

    If the not having metal lugs and feed lips is keeping you on the fence, I won't lie, they would be even better with them, however, the 5 O.G WBP magazines I've had for well over two years, with thousands of lock ups and many of rds later I've never broke a feed lip, nor is there any defamation of the lugs... If anything get a few for the collection, but they'll work there way into your rotation

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    WPB AK magazine

    Posted by Curtis on Dec 11th 2020

    Worked ok, no stoppages. I noticed when I loaded with Tula fmj, I had to push in the rounds, the tip of the bullet kept touching the magazine. No big deal, probably the shape of the follower makes the cartridge push forward. Overall, a good magazine. Now, I wish WPB would make them in all solid black, like the old surplus Radom factory magazines.

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    Really good mag

    Posted by Tristan Hewitt on Sep 16th 2020

    Put through about 2,000 rounds through 4 of the grey variation. The green ones I have received but have not had much time to say if they are better or not they are heavier by a few grams but the fitting is nicer and they feel sturdier. But going to what I have used, they seem flexible but I have not had issues with being rough with them. Even full loaded mags with a spetznaz reload and all I have had was some more scratching nothing has broken and it seems almost like the magazine spring back when under a lot of force. The grey smoke makes it clear and fairly easy to quickly glance and check how much you have. They are incredable light even compared to other poly mags and I don't think they need reinforcement. I'd argue especially with metal reinforcements it would be more likely to fail. Only issues was probably the ammunition with a failure to seat in battery, not the fault of the mag just old n crap Chinese steel core. The main issues are nitpicking like; they scratch easily especially in clay and rock earth, the fitting is not quite the nicest still wobbles a little and the rock tab is not cut always the most consistent. But the green ones do solve some of that. But if for what ever reason you don't trust poly mags I wouldn't recommend these all the qualities will remind you it's a poly mag through and through. I don't think you will have issues with it unless you put it through a sander.

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    Nice looks alright quality

    Posted by Brian on Jun 11th 2020

    The mag itself is all polymer/plastic with no re enforcements on the feeding lips or locking lugs. It feels a little brittle and I probably wouldn’t trust it with hard drops. It does however look really cool the smoke isn’t as dark as a Lancer mag and you can see your round count really well. For the price It’s a good buy just don’t expect them to hold up to steel surplus abuse.