AK-47 Blank Firing Adapter

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These are original European surplus Blank Firing Adapter for the AK-47 in 7.62x39.


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    "I'd Buy That For A Dollar!"

    Posted by Big Guy on Jul 3rd 2021

    At the time of writing this, it's currently on sale for one buck. Given the price, why wouldn't you want that all-steel construction euro surplus niblet that fits all 14x1LH threads, adjustably tighter than a stock muzzle slant, and can be spraypainted to be the same color as the rifle?

    As far as aesthetics go, it's non-invasive and can easily be mistook for a regular old muzzle brake. Durability? This bit will outlive your grandkids.

    Don't feel bad about grabbing a couple for your AKs - stock up on barnaul blanks and have one hell of a 4th of July with 'em.