Collector Grade Matching Hand guard KBK wz. 1960 Circle 11 Radom AK47 Milled Parts Kit

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$599.99 - $749.99

Direct from the Polish Military Depot, these are the most complete rifle sets with original accessories we have ever seen! 

The Polish KBK 1960 7.62x39 is one of the "Eleanors" for true AK collectors. These Polish military rifles were designed so they can also be adapted to fire rifle grenades in combat. These are the "original" AK47s with milled receivers and "the majority" are a beautiful blued finish. These were produced back when no expense was spared during production. The quality of the machining on these parts and materials was at its best during these times, so this is a true collectible parts kit worth restoring to its original glory. The gas blocks on these kits are a unique type that allows the gas to be shut off while launching grenades.

You will receive the original receiver front stub with the serial number/year of your kit. In order to keep the valuable serialized front stubs intact we had to remove and discard the center of the receiver. 

These kits are complete, including the torch-cut receiver stubs (missing center portion to comply with ATF), and barrel. You will need to obviously purchase a new US barrel and receiver, including any 922r parts when you rebuild it. 

Finish & Year (Hand Select):

The hardwood kits are blued and the laminate are painted, or parkerized, depending on the year. If you want to receive a blued kit, select the hardwood.


You can add on the accessories for free while supplies last. This includes the 10rd blank firing magazine, grenade launching sight, cleaning tools, wrench, spigot, carrying case, and too many other items to list!

Serial Numbers:

BFPU/NRA Good Condition Kits- We guarantee matching serial # gas block, handguard, dust cover, bolt, bolt carrier, gas tube, and receiver stub. Many will have lots of other small matching parts such as recoil springs and rear sight leafs (but we don't guarantee this). 

Very Good to Excellent - We guarantee matching serial # gas block, handguard, recoil spring, dust cover, bolt, bolt carrier, gas tube, and receiver stub. Many will have lots of other small matching parts such as rear sight leafs. 

Please note that not every part mentioned were serialized on every kit in every year, such as safeties


Features original hardwood or laminate wood stock sets, up to your selection. 


These kits range from NRA good to NRA excellent condition. These are 60 +/- year old kits, so they can obviously show some rust, finish wear, minor scratches, dents, wear, and or light mold on wood parts (which wipes right off with vinegar). If you want to ensure you receive a very good/excellent condition kit please select the upgrade.

Pistol Grips:

Fat wood pistol grips with hardwood

Bakelite Pistol Grips with Laminate wood KBK Kits

The fixed stock wood on these is double tanged

We will be stocking the correct milled barrels and receivers for these kits in the future, this listing will be updated to direct you to the relevant items once the pages are availible so you can sign up for in-stock notifications.

Demill Service

You can add on the optional demilling service for $50. With this service we will remove your parts needed for the build (front sight, rear sight, gas block, and hand guard retainer, etc) from the barrel stub pieces by carefully pressing them off with our experienced gunsmiths.