FB Radom Poland - AK Enhanced Mag Catch Release Paddle

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This is the original Polish Military enhanced trigger guard paddle that allows quick magazine changes while under stress or wearing thick gloves. This is produced by the famous Fabryka Broni Small Arms Factory in Poland and works with most AK rifles
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    Extended mag release

    Posted by Abraham Vargas on May 20th 2024

    I bought 1 of these for my zpap m90. I did not have to do any file work for it to properly fit my mags. All the mags fit correctly. The zastava mags fit both polymer and metal, the Bulgarian mags fit, ac unity mags fit. In case anyone out there was wondering. I ended up buying 3 more for my m85 and my 2 m92s that I own and they fit on all of them perfectly fine and function perfectly fine as well. Would recommend to anyone who has a yugo as those mag releases are very small.

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    Great upgrade

    Posted by Juston Williams on Mar 14th 2024

    Really good upgrade

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    Great product

    Posted by Juston Williams on Feb 6th 2024

    This is a great product! Makes mag changes that much better.

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    Required Upgrade

    Posted by Cory on Sep 21st 2022

    Great product. This should have been one of the standard, essential upgrades for the AK platform across the board. FB Radom means quality and AOA has some of the best customer service in the industry.

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    Great product

    Posted by Mike on Aug 25th 2022

    A great upgrade or addition to any build.

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    Great paddle release

    Posted by Michael L on Jul 17th 2022

    Great paddle release, fit perfectly with no modifications needed on my M92PV. Tried one on my RH10 but it didn’t fit correctly and the mags didn’t seat right, too loose actually, and there is no way to fix it it just plain doesn’t work in that gun. But I love that I can release the mag with my trigger finger and not have to let go of the gun due to the giant paddle!

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    FB RADOM Mag Release

    Posted by Morgan on Jun 17th 2022

    An excellent upgrade that can be fitted into the Stock AK Trigger guard.

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    AK magazine release paddle - Poland

    Posted by Alan on Jun 10th 2022

    Rock solid. I have these on both of my AK's!

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    2) Always win.

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    Enhanced Polish Magazine Release Lever

    Posted by Alan on Mar 16th 2022

    Perfect fit and function on the PSA 7.62x39 pistol!

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    Ergonomic Improvement

    Posted by Harrison Bonham on Feb 20th 2022

    This is a great upgrade for making AK mag changes a little easier and speedier. I installed mine on a Romanian M10 (basically WASR receiver). It required a bit of fitting, but went in just fine and works quite well - my thumbs are less sore now!

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    No problems. Hand fitted to my Zastava m85

    Posted by Mark Wilson on Jan 15th 2022

    Nice item, seems like an extended mag release would be easier to find. I radiused the edges so they wouldn't be so sharp.

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    Mag Catch

    Posted by Wesley Buljubasic on Nov 18th 2021

    perfect fit with a little filing. much more reliable than a standard paddle!