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We found these rare new old surplus Hungarian FEG Military blue stocks sitting in storage in Hungary and had to bring them here for collectors. These were produced for the AKM-63D Fixed stock model in order to speed up production and cut down on weight. These were known as the tupperware stocks, or food grade stocks, and are highly sought after. Hungary was under strict sanctions at the time from the West and in order to get the materials they needed they purchased food grade material to produce these. If you own any Hungarian model this would probably be a wise investment to stash away in case you decide to convert the rifle to this style. Many customers including myself still have AMD-65 kits to build up and you can add a fixed stock trunnion to attach this authentic stock to replace the not so great wire stock that comes on it. These sell on the collectors market for a very high price tag. It's possible in the future we will have matching pistol grips for these, but we will likely be out of the stocks before that happens.


Includes buttplate and mounting hardware to attach it to the trunnion. The metal mounting pieces have been in military storage since before most of us were born, so they could have rust or pitting on them. The price for this set is a once in a lifetime deal and we will not have any extra mounting hardware to offer outside of this. 


To attach the buttplate you must align the proper side of the metal plate with the stock because there is a thinner and wider part on each side. Then you can heat up the plastic ends of the stock with a heat gun and tap the buttplate in place with a rubber mallet. You have two options to secure it permanently. You can either add a type of super glue or loctite (not included) to the buttplate when you tap it on and allow it to dry. Or you can drill 2 small holes into the top ends of the stock and use two screws (not included) to secure it in place. 


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    Great stocks

    Posted by George on Feb 9th 2024

    These are in excellent shape - mine were still in the wrapper. Ronin's Grips is selling US-made AMD grips cast in the same color that count as a 922r compliance part.

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    Neat, rare stock

    Posted by Dave D on Jan 11th 2024

    It's blue. It's rare. I'll probably never mount it to a receiver, but at least I've got one. I've not dealt much with plastic AK parts, being partial to wood, but if I were a Hungarian conscript, I don't think this would be my first choice for the stock of the rifle that's supposed to help me survive a war. It does seem pretty plasticky. Now, that said, as a middle-aged, overweight American Bubba with (possibly) too many AKs, I will place this in a position of honor in my safe. And yep, I'll probably spring for the matching blue pistol grips, if AoA ever gets them in stock.

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    Posted by Jerry on Dec 23rd 2023

    The 2 I bought were NOS, excellent condition. They are a lot stronger than I thought they would be. They fit into the FEG SA 2000 with not fitting. My advice is get one they don't come around that often.

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    Blue Hungarian stock

    Posted by Curt on Dec 23rd 2023

    It’s brand new. Had to do a bit of sanding to get it to fit in the receiver, but it was easy. Have to press on the butt, but once it’s on, it’s tight. The screw holes on butt plate to attach to the stock are metric thread. And I was able to find them at the local hardware store. Now I just wish AOA would find and import the blue pistol grip. I like it, really a Cold War look.

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    Posted by jerry Presley on Dec 11th 2023

    It's not often these come around, it's a must for Hungarian collection. The one I received was in factory new condition.

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    Posted by evan davies on Apr 26th 2023

    Exactly as described fast shipping arms of America has never let me down highly recommended thank you guys again send me a patch

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    FEG Blue Stock

    Posted by Chad on Apr 26th 2023

    Exactly as described. AoA finds some neat historical items.

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    Blue FEG stock

    Posted by Alex on Apr 25th 2023

    Looks beautiful, just wish the holes for the butt plate were drilled.

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    Posted by Beachboy on Apr 25th 2023

    Brand new in original tissue paper wrapper. Wow!