*Grade 4 BFPU* Romanian Military Steel Magazine 30RD **NOT GUARANTEED TO FUNCTION

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**This listing is for ONE Magazine. Pictures show multiple to display a variety of conditions

These magazines are sold in *As Is* condition. Grade 4 magazines are magazines whose followers stick or seize up during testing.

These are from our battlefield kits. Magazines will have one or more of the following:
carvings, notches, dents, dings, chips, scuffs, and/or mild to major finish wear
Visible rusting, interior and exterior.
Warped floorplate.
Follower may stick when depressed.
Feed lips may need to be adjusted.
Dented body requiring adjustment to allow the follower to clear.
Floorplate may be missing (may be crushed at the bottom to retain internals)

*For Magazine Capacity Restricted States: we can limit this mag to 10rds, but cannot offer any guarantees regarding function so we heavily recommend against choosing this mag for pinning. If you would still like these mags pinned, please click here for our pinning service.

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    Romanian BFPU grade 4 mags

    Posted by Richard Allred on May 3rd 2024

    This was my second order of grade 4 mags.with a little elbow grease they turned out fine. 6 of the 10 I got had never been in a rifle! Once I broke the followers loose and a little cleaning they were fine. They are good for tinkering with! Will buy more.

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    Grade 4 bfpu mags

    Posted by Tc on Apr 5th 2024

    Make really good range mags with a little work. Good for the price

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    As advertised!

    Posted by Ryan on Mar 6th 2024

    Ordered and received 3 grade 4 BFPU Romy mags. Received 3 mags that needed a lot of TLC. Thorough cleaning and bending of mag bodies, feed lips, floor plates and a follower were required. 3 star rating because one of the mags was missing a floor plate and had the mag body near the base bent in in order to retain the spring and follower. I saw another reviewer requested and was sent a floor plate but I did not request one as the fine print did say that the mags may be missing floor plates. I was about to request one but discovered that after I went back and re-read the description. Just a bummer because I can’t fix what isn’t there and shipping for a floor plate would exceed the cost of said floor plate. I was only able to repair and use 2 of 3 mags. I would probably go with the grade 3 if I had to do it over again. I honestly didn’t anticipate a missing part although I was fully prepared for the mags not functioning and requiring repair.

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    Grade 4 BFPU mags

    Posted by J.T. Jackson on Sep 21st 2023

    I have bought a dozen of these (2 to experiment on then 10 to get the duscount) and found a range from minimal to limited amount of time/effort needed to be fully functional. Most just rusted in place, a few dented and one missing a baseplate that AOA was nice enough to send a replacement. A little blasting, sanding and coating and they fit and function like new!

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    Ak magazines

    Posted by George Sawyer on Aug 6th 2023

    Magazines were in good shape and very satisfied with the product.

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    Battlefield pick up grade4 magazines

    Posted by Robert on Jun 25th 2023

    excellent magazines beat up and dented up but exactly what was on description excited got lucky. I got two Polish mags out of them. I bought six best deal for surplus magazines.

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    Fantastic Deal all 10 mags were uncommon.

    Posted by Joseph Alvarez on May 19th 2023

    Mine were all rusted, a few dents on mags, only 2 had non cosmetic rust that impeded the follower return.

    All 10 I ordered ended up being Romanian Training Mags with the lanyard loop, this was an amazing find, as I’ve been wanting one or two of these for the collection, and now I’ve got 10! For 8$ apiece, some elbow grease and cleaning, I’d order another 10 today if I could!

    Plan to give these all the spit shine and lube, bang out any major dents, but the last time I ordered their grade 3 pack of 12, they all ran like a top.

    Extremely satisfied with this purchase, just like the last time on their grade 3. Will happily order again if these come back in stock, thanks yall.

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    Grade 4 BFPU Romanian Magazine

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 6th 2023

    Of the 10 ordered, 6 worked with minimal cleaning. 2 needed some small dents removed followed by a through cleaning. The last 2 had rust jacking around the feed lips and would not function, too bad as they looked brand new!

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    Posted by DeWayne on Feb 10th 2023

    Not too bad.i bought 10 only one is truly parts rest I got to work with some fixing,most of them just had dents that did not allow the follower to work right.if you don't care about looks this is a deal.

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    Grade 4 BFPU

    Posted by Krys on Jan 26th 2023

    I ordered 5. Of the five 3 had seized followers as expected and 2 worked but had some good dents in em. Nothing some elbow grease can't fix. I was pleased to have received one with the rack number painted on the floor plate and one with Initials engraved on to the mag. Those two I will keep original and the other three will be refurbished and one will be tinkered with.

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    Grade 4 Romanian magazines.

    Posted by Dan Zelna on Jan 26th 2023

    This is the BEST deal going for surplus magazines !!
    A little clean up and adjusting and they work perfectly!
    I will buy more every time they are available !

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    Grade 4 Romanian magazines.

    Posted by Dan Zelna on Feb 17th 2022

    This is the best deal going for Surplus mags !!
    I spend a few minutes on each one disassembling, cleaning, and pushing out a few dents and they work like new!!
    The BFPU appearance on them is way cool !
    I'll buy more !!