Khyber Pass Slabside AK47 Soviet Style Magazine

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Khyber Pass Slabside Steel 7.62x39 Russian Style 30rd Magazine

This model is made from blued steel and patterned just like the classic Russian model. Slabside magazines were the very first type produced for the AK47 platform and were made from a thicker steel than all types to follow.

Handmade in Pakistan, Khyber Pass.
Pakistan is known around the world to clone many famous arsenals(Izhmash, Molot, Izhevsk, Circle 21, Etc) produced magazines. Until now these were only available stateside as demo or prototype items.

Limited Availability. Magazines and may show Slight Wear, Scratches, Etc from Storage and Shipping, blueing salts may also be present. Rated NRA Excellent condition.